Top 10 Canadian companies in 2019 over 2018

Leger corporate reputation ranking

When research firm Leger conducted its annual survey of brand reputation in Canada in February, Boeing was doing all right. The company had 82-per-cent awareness among Canadians polled. And while just 41 per cent felt they knew the brand well enough to provide an opinion, most of them – 34 per cent over all – rated the brand positively.

But after news broke in March of the second fatal crash of the company’s 737 Max 8 aircraft in just six months – causing governments and airlines around the world to ground the planes – researchers decided they needed to go back into the field. They found that Boeing’s image had taken a major hit. The percentage of people with a negative opinion of the brand shot up to 30 per cent in March, from just 9 per cent the month before.

Company 2019 2018
Canadian Tire 81 76
Google 80 83
Dollarama 76 74
Shoppers Drug Mart 76 78
Sony 76 76
Kellogg 75 72
Microsoft 74 74
Amazon 74 70
Samsung 73 75
Costco Wholesale 72 70
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