Time well spent: Dinner with Friends

Friends are pillars in our lives. We share fun times, worries, hopes, and dreams with them. When we’re growing up, opportunities to make friends are plenty in our neighborhoods and schools.
When Italians want to spend more quality time with friends, it’s usually over a meal. The meal might be home-cooked with friends. Whatever the occasion, I always find that while the food might be delicious, it’s really the fun we have together and what we talk about that stays with me.
As in just about every Italian family, tablecloths were always used for lunch and dinner, as well as cloth napkins. Antipasto, ravioli soup, roasted vegetables with meats, polenta, sorbeto and cupcakes are some examples of what you’ll find on our plates. Maria Teresa Pagnan is one of the best cooker in the community. She could easily transform the home into one of the Vancouver’s best restaurants. The amazing homemade wine was provided by Dino Pagnan a really expert.
The stories we share and discuss run from we was teenagers, to struggling with real estate, to navigating a successful career.
Without a doubt, the Sunday night dinner at Balbo-Pagnan’s family it was a highlight.
We Italians understand and appreciate the magical synergy that is created when the joys of conversation and intimacy commingle with the pleasures of beautiful food and drink.

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