Thinking About Flying? Here’s What You Need to Know Now (last updates)

Health precautions and face masks
Make sure to bring your own face mask. Face coverings are required for passengers aged 10 and up during boarding and on board of all our flights. Unfortunately, we cannot allow you to board without face covering.
At Airport, passengers are also required to wear a mask at designated area’s of the terminal such as check-in and security. This may also apply at other airports you’re travelling to and from, and transferring in.
For your safety and the safety of your fellow passengers, please do not travel when you experience any symptoms of COVID-19 and contact your family doctor in case of doubt.
Governmental health requirements and entry restrictions
Around the world, various measures are being taken by local authorities to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Check the health requirements and additional entry documentation on the government’s websites of the countries you’re travelling to and from, and transferring in. Some countries won’t let you enter without the proper additional documents. Make sure to check the requirements shortly before your trip. You can visit the IATA website for the latest entry requirements of the destination you are travelling to.
Simplified onboard catering service
The following measures have been taken to limit physical contact between passengers and crew:
• On European flights, you will find a box containing a sandwich, a biscuit, and a cup of water on your seat. On intercontinental flights, you will find a bag containing snacks, fruit and drinks on your seat. Additionally, we serve a hot meal in Economy Class on flights longer than 9 hours. In Business Class, we also serve a salad, a hot meal, a dessert, cheese, and crackers.
• We regret you cannot order any special meals at this time.
• Also our drinks service has been simplified; we will only be able to offer you water or soft drinks.
• Of course, you are most welcome to bring your own snacks. Please note that food & beverage shops on some airports may be closed.

Because we all have to take additional measures into account, we would kindly advise you to go to the airport in time to check in at the check-in desk or self-service kiosk and drop off your luggage.

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