The Italian Soccer Series 2019 featuring Italy and Greece

By Mario Miceli

On Saturday afternoon two great cultural communities in Vancouver came together at il Centro Italian Cultural Centre. The Italian and Hellenic community came together once again at The Italian Soccer Series 2019 featuring Italy and Greece.
The over 100 fans in attendance, some wearing their Italian Azzurro or their Greek blue and whites, were treated to a fantastic game where Italy was able to win and advance with a 2 – 0 victory over Greece.
Today featured 3 generations of soccer fans from nonnos and nonnas their children and their grandchildren.
The Osteria did not disappoint as they offered a choice selection of all you can eat pasta or a chicken souvlaki, tzatziki and pita including a beer for $10.
As an Italian married to a Greek, I have to admit I went souvlaki today. Whatever your food selection, the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful game in a room full of passionate fans of all ages is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.
It sure beats shopping in crowded stores and having to avoid every news and message on your phone until you get home to watch the PVRd game…alone.
Hats off to Pietro Nardone, Frank Cucca, Demitri Douzenis, Randy Rinaldo and Jeff Gentile for organizing these games. This series has become extremely popular with our community and we would urge everyone to attend these games.
Not only are our national team games featured, many of the Juventus games are also featured on this series.
Check out the il Centro Italian Cultural Centre website to see when you can enjoy the next game.
Grab a few friends and family and come join us for some great food, great atmosphere with tremendous soccer fans will we enjoy the beautiful game as it was meant to be enjoyed.
The next game featuring Juventus against Bologna will be aired next Saturday at 11:45 at the Osteria, don’t miss this game.

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