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Doppio Zero Pizza came together as the dream of two Italian families. Many years ago Nonna Paola Ciampelletti and Nonna Giovanna Stocco both born and raised in Italy, brought with them to Canada a treasure chest full of traditional recipes passed down from generations of Italian “mammas”. Their kids are honoring those traditions today by sharing them with you at Doppio Zero Pizza.
Vera Pizza Napoletana
In order to be considered a Vera Pizza Napoletana the following is required:
Farina Tipo Doppio Zero (00 Italian Flour), Pomodoro San Marzano DOC tomatoes, Fior di latte mozzarella, and extra virgin olive oil.
The pizza must be baked in a wood-fired, low domed oven at 485°C for no longer than 90 seconds
The dough must not be worked with a rolling pin or any other device.
The diameter of the pizza must be 12”. 1/8“ thick at the centre and a Cornicione (crust) measuring ¾ “ height.
The pizza should be elastic with a soft centre, easily foldable into a “libretto” booklet.
The pizza should be of a golden, slightly charred colour crust, with mozzarella patches spread over a red bed of tomato sauce.
Toppings should be sprinkled around to create a perfect balance of texture and flavor.
2The Pizza Napoletana is to be enjoyed as soon as it comes out of the oven.
Nostro Forno
A Vera Pizza Napoletana must be baked in a double chambered, low dome, wood burning oven under the VPN specifications. Our Stefano Ferrara oven is a “Hand Made” brick and mortar dome with a floor built with refractory stones “Biscotto Sorrentino” from the Mt. Vesuvius area. They are built using materials and techniques passed down by generations of “Napoletano” oven makers in order to achieve the perfect heat distribution at almost 500°C without burning the crust.
Il nome Doppio Zero
Among all the elements necessary to make a Vera Pizza Napoletana, without a doubt the single most important one is the dough. Obtaining an airy crust with a sweet, nutty flavor and a springy characteristic of the Pizza Napoletana, requires an extremely fine milling of the wheat to produce a flour known as “Tipo 00” or Doppio Zero. To highlight the impact of this unique Italian flour in the texture and flavor of the Pizza Napoletana we have named our Pizzeria “Doppio Zero”.
Marco Polo How did you get your start in the restaurant business?
Doppio Zero Pizza During my younger years I was involved in opening and running large format casual dinning restaurants in different parts of the world. The dream was to one day own a smaller authentic Italian restaurant where we could honour our Italian family roots and heritage by serving the highest quality food made with the best authentic ingredients at a reasonable prices.
Marco Polo In your opinion, what makes a successful restaurant?
Doppio Zero Pizza Successful restaurants are made from love. If you consistently select your ingredients and recipes with care, prepared the food with attention to detail and provide attentive service and a welcoming ambiance to your guests, you will have a successful restaurant
Marco Polo What do you hope to accomplish with the new restaurant Doppio Zero Pizza?
Doppio Zero Pizza The vision for Doppio Zero Pizza is to become the standard for high quality authentic Pizza Napoletana and Pasta in Coquitlam and the tri cities.
As the brand develops recognition, we will consider plans for expansion into other markets and segments.
Marco Polo How are you going to get over the challenge of starting a restaurant in a market with more competition, and less name recognition?
Doppio Zero Pizza Since we opened our doors one year ago, We have been able to become one of the preferred destinations for Italian food in our area. We are happy to have many loyal guests who keep coming back eager to enjoy some of our classic dishes but also try our new introductions. The initial success has allowed us to build and grow a recognizable brand that stands for authenticity quality and service.
Marco Polo What is your favourite type of pizza and why?
Doppio Zero Pizza In my opinion, of the different types of Pizza the Napoletana has to be the my favourite. Not only because it was the first one to be created, but also because of its simplicity, dough kneading and baking processes and the quality and freshness of its ingredients.
Marco Polo Tell us something about yourself that most of your customers wouldn’t know?
Doppio Zero Pizza At Doppio Zero, we take and immense amount of pride in the way we cook and present our dishes. From the Gnocchi to the to the pizza dough and sauce, everything at Doppio Zero is made from scratch, no dish is ever purchased pre made.
We also bring the finest ingredients like the 00 Flour (hence the name Doppio Zero), Extra Virgin Olive Oil, San MarzanoTomatoes, Pamigiano Reggiano Cheese, and the Prosciutto di Parma from Italy to make sure the authenticity of every dish is respected.
Marco Polo What is your message for our readers?
Doppio Zero Pizza At Doppio Zero we are proud to honour the traditions of authentic Italian cuisine and certified Pizza Napoletana. By following the strict guidelines of quality and offering imported Italian ingredients in all of our dishes, we can allow our patrons the possibility of enjoying a true Italian culinary experience without having to travel to Italy.

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