Silk Road Festival brings ancient trade routes to life

Invigorate your Senses and Experience the Sights, Sounds and Tastes of the Silk Road this July 6 & 7 at the Square (Vancouver Art Gallery, North Plaza) in the heart of downtown Vancouver. The Silk Road Festival features cultures and exchanges between East and West of the famed historic trade routes. The FREE two-day fun-filled festival will showcase vibrant folk dances, enchanting music, action-packed martial arts, unique arts and crafts, tasty cuisines, fascinating travel and technology spanning from Asia, Africa to Europe and beyond.
Events such as this one remind us that diversity is our greatest strength, states Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in his festival program message.
Our lives are enriched every day by the inclusive, multicultural province we are so lucky to live in. The Silk Road is a fantastic example of cultures coming together to exchange valuable goods and knowledge, remarks B.C. Premier John Horgan.
The family-friendly festival is produced by North America Asean Consultants Inc. in collaboration with MOSAIC, one of Canada’s largest settlement organizations.
Like the Silk Road, MOSAIC also connects diverse people and cultures along a path leading to the enrichment of families and community, says Dr. Christian Duff, chairperson of MOSAIC Board of Directors.
Vancouver’s connection to the Silk Road dates back to the heydays of the Canadian Pacific silk trains. Between 1887 and the late 1930s, locomotives loaded with bales of precious raw silk from the Far East rumbled out of Vancouver’s port bound for the silk mills in New York.
The silk runs are history, but the strategic position of Vancouver as the crossroads between East and West continues to flourish.
Vancouver is a vibrant, multicultural city that embraces many cultures into the Canadian mosaic.
It is important for ethnic groups to continue to maintain and celebrate their heritage and art forms, so that all Vancouverites may learn about the many cultures in our city, writes Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart.
Award-winning artists
Stomping feet and swaying skirts will evoke passion and energize your visual and audible sense.
Among the artist groups performing on the main stage are Silk Road Music, Vancouver Chinese Opera, Flamenco Rosario, Russian Yablochko Dancers, Adalat Omar Dance Company and Persian Fame Group.
On stage are also award-winning dancers from the Scandinavian Dancers of Vancouver.
Discovery of the Oseberg burial mound in Norway revealed the penchant for silk reached beyond the Arctic Circle.
The alluring music of the Silk Road will make you want to travel the ancient trade routes.
You won’t have to lug your luggage across forbidden deserts as the caravan traders did on their camels.
Ask onsite travel experts for free advice to plan a memorable trip at the Travel and Technology Hub.
Direct from Uzbekistan is UNESCO Award Seal of Excellence master embroiderer Sanjar Nazarov. Nazarov will showcase the ancient art of this needlework with his beautiful Bukhara gold embroidery at the Artisan Pavilion.
Historically, this tapestry work is purely a man dominated craft in Central Asia. Joining Nazarov is Korean Celadon master potter Junghong Kim whose works were featured at the Museum of Vancouver last fall.
Taste that kept the Silk Road alive
No festival is complete without food. In fact, it was food that kept the Silk Road alive, cited The Washington Post article on The Flavor of the Silk Road. Some Vancouver renowned restaurants including The Afghan Horsemen, Ashiana Tandoori and SalaThai Thai Restaurant will demonstrate the authentic flavours of their cultures.
The Silk Road Festival is an ideal platform to connect with cultures beyond your own. Explore, experience and bask in the rich diversity of what makes Metro Vancouver such a unique and desirable destination.
Proud partners of the Silk Road Festival include MOSAIC, City of Vancouver, CBC Vancouver, Translink, Vancity, GlobalEAT and Vancouver Sun.
About Silk Road Festival
The Silk Road Festival theme is to Bridge Cultures, Engage Communities and Inspire Discoveries. The festival aims to enhance intercultural appreciation and community interaction, inspire travel and technological discoveries with ancient Silk Road aspirations.
The two-day outdoor multicultural festival features cultures and exchanges between East and West on the world’s famed historic trade routes through arts, food, travel and technology.

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