National Congress of Italian Canadians BC Branch

cnic_qc_logo_trilingueAt the Annual General Meeting held earlier this year, the following officers were elected for the appointment year 2018:
President Maria Marano
1st Vice President Joe Iafrancesco
2nd Vice President Nick Borzillo
Treasurer Gail DiBernardo
Secretary Angela Boal
The NCIC was formed in Montreal in 1974, and its initial purpose was to promote the image of Italians in Canadian society. The BC Branch of the NCIC was founded in 1981 with membership open to both individuals and groups throughout the province.
The objectives of the BC Branch parallel those of the national organization. In general terms, these are as follows: foster the growth of a better Canadian society by promoting understanding and cooperation between Canadians of Italian and other origins act as a linkage among the various Italian Canadian communities and organizations across B.C. gain access to government and government agencies; prepare and present position papers on matters of interest to Italian Canadians encourage the involvement of Italian Canadians in public affairs engage in fundraising activities in support of initiatives with practical benefits to Italian Canadian communities collect and disseminate information and news about political and social developments that affect the lives of Italian Canadians support the retention and spread of the Italian language and culture among Italian Canadians of all generations and among the wider Canadian public.
For more information about the NCIC B.C. Branch, contact (604)313-2861 (President) for the lower mainland; and (250)860-6325 (1st VP) for the B.C. Interior.

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