Maurizio Schweitzer’s Celentano Tribute Show

For the first time in Vancouver on March 6th, 2020 at the Hard Rock Casino Vancouver, audiences will experience a show that has won the hearts of Italy and the globe with the great musical production


By Brunella Gaudio

For half a century, ADRIANO CELENTANO has been one of Italy’s most beloved music superstars, garnering commercial and critical success in Italy and abroad with over 70 million records sold. During his prolific career, he played with virtually every genre and style from rock’n’roll to rap, not to mention his successful ventures in film and television. Heavily influenced by Elvis Presley in his early years, Celentano is credited for having introduced Rock’n’Roll to Italy in the late 50s; and it comes as no surprise that in 1960, Federico Fellini cast him in the classic film La Dolce Vita, as a Rock’n’Roll singer. In 1961, he participated for the first time in the San Remo Music Festival, Italy’s most popular song and award contest, and came in 2nd with his ‘24 Mila Baci’. In 1970, he won San Remo with his song ‘Chi Non Lavora, Non Fa l’Amore’. In 1972, he released one of his most popular hits, ‘Prisencolinensinainciusol’, exploring communication barriers with its deliberate English gibberish, which is now considered by some as a clear antecedent of rap music. The song hit No.1 in France, figured prominently in hit-parades around Europe, and even entered American charts. In addition, Celentano forms part of an exclusive list of artists for best selling albums in Italy with 3 albums in the top 10 of all time: Mina Celentano (1998), Io Non So Parlar d’Amore (1999), Esco di Rado e Parlo Ancora Meno (2000). In 2016, Celentano and Mina once again collaborated and released Le Migliori, which became the best-selling album of 2016 in Italy. Considered one of the pillars of Italian music, in all that he has done, Celentano has been an innovator, amazing audiences and leaving an imprint with his countless hits, beating the time of three generations, including one of his well known singles, Il Ragazzo Della Via Gluck, which went on to be translated and re-recorded in 18 languages.
Not often do we find an artist who is able to re-create a persona so perfectly, like MAURIZIO SCHWEIZER does as Adriano Celentano. Schweizer’s twin likeness to Celentano, both in physical appearance and vocally, is the spark lighting the show.
On stage, Maurizio is supported by an impressive 11 piece ensemble, including three female vocalists, a powerful rhythm section and a sparkling brass section, taking you on a passionate journey with a collection of Celentano’s greatest songs. This production leaves no details behind in authenticity: accurate musical arrangements and vocal stylings, original vintage accessories and wardrobe, and scenery replicated from Celentano’s concerts, TV shows and films. Today, Celentano, well into his 80s, does not tour, making this tribute even more exclusive. In this show, Schweizer represents Celentano at his energetic peak and without a doubt – the production is as close as you will get to reliving the young Celentano LIVE.
Endorsed by Adriano Celentano himself, it is hands down a most authentic and charismatic trip, delivering an icon and an era of music that remains relevant today. Beside collecting success in all Italy’s regions, the Celentano Tribute Show has crossed national borders to sold out shows in Russia, USA, Germany, Ukraine, Latvia, Austria, Turkey, France, Spain, Belarus, Israel, Australia, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Slovakia, Monaco, Switzerland, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Oman … and now, for the first time in Canada, Maurizio Schweizer’s brings his Celentano Tribute as part of a North American tour with the first show scheduled in Vancouver on March 6, 2020, followed by Toronto, Chicago, Boston and Brooklyn!
Schweizer’s Celentano show in Vancouver is being presented by F2 Productions (Federico Fuoco), who since 2014 has been placing Vancouver on Italian concert tour maps. Previously, most Italian concert tours in North America only included the Canadian cities of Montreal and Toronto, leaving the Vancouver community disappointed and asking why not Vancouver. Six years ago Federico changed this by bringing Zucchero to Vancouver, followed by a series of other Italian legends including Umberto Tozzi, Ricchi e Poveri, Pupo, and Massimo Ranieri. For anyone watching San Remo 2020 on RAI television this past week, in one night, three of these acts (Zucchero, Ricchi e Poveri and Massimo Ranieri) were featured as special guests. How lucky we the community of Vancouver have been to have experienced these music superstars!
This show has no boundaries with respect to age or culture, given Celentano’s global appeal, multi-generational success, and continued relevance in the contemporary music realm. For many Italian immigrants who came to Vancouver during the launch of artists such as Celentano (late 50s / early 60s), it is also a rare opportunity to share an era of music with which they can identify and we can enjoy with them, while we have the chance. Many are elderly and do not drive, or are unfamiliar with the internet to gather more information or even purchase tickets. They depend on their children to share these opportunities; and what better gift than an evening together with family and friends, young and old, sharing the magic and emotion of Celentano’s music as it transports its audience.
In less than four weeks, the Celentano tribute will hit Vancouver. In order to secure its success, the show needs the community’s support, and this is as simple as 100 more people buying 4 – 6 tickets.
This Celentano Tribute has sold out wherever it has toured, and being the first city in the North American circuit, the Celentano Show and Vancouver are worthy of launching with a bang; thus, also widening the door to more top Italian music concerts, and keeping Vancouver on the tour map.
Capturing the hearts of Italy and the globe, the Celentano Tribute promises to amuse, to excite, to dream…
Vancouver, get ready to be CELENTANIZED on Friday, March 6th!
For tickets, contact Federico Fuoco at 604.715.3473; or purchase online via
Benvenuti a tutti!

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