Lussier Hot Springs

Lussier Hot Springs, long a favourite of campers and wilderness pilgrims, this beautiful set of hot springs can easily be accessed from the Whiteswan Forestry Road by a short hike down to the Lussier River.
A change room/ toilet is located at the parking lot. No liquor or dogs or garbage are permitted at the springs and bathers must wear bathing suits.
Park Rangers make regular patrols to Lussier Hot Springs. Please help keep this wildland hot springs clean.
Please be aware, Lussier Hot Springs are natural, and subject to climactic conditions may sometimes run cool.
Nature and Culture–Whiteswan Provincial Park
Cultural Heritage: Whiteswan Lake was an important seasonal hunting camp of the K’tunaxa (Kootenai) native people and their use of the area dates back at least 5,000 years.
During the 1800’s and early 1900’s trappers, prospectors and guides worked in the area and soothed their work worn bodies in the hot mineral waters of Lussier Hot Springs.
The area surrounding the park is part of the Kootenay Region working forest. Logging and mining currently provides jobs for many people living in the region, as well recreation and tourism have become important aspects of the economy.
Conservation: In May and June, spawning Rainbow trout can be seen in the inlet and outlet creeks of Whiteswan Lake.
In the summer of 2001, wildfires swept through the forests north and west of the park. These fires, while seemingly “destructive”, are recognized as part of a natural cycle of renewal that ensures the long term viability of diverse ecosystems and their inhabitants.
Wildlife: Exploring the back roads of the Kootenay Ranges offers sightings of mountain goats and bighorn sheep, moose, elk, deer, grizzly and black bears. Common loons, red-necked grebes, belted kingfishers, blue herons, bald and golden eagles and many other bird species can be seen on the lakes and in the surrounding woodlands.

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