LIVE. LOVE. AMA. – an invitation

by Brunella Gaudio
We (Italian Day) have been working on a few things in the background, and after the recent re-opening by authorities, we finally could plan something outdoors and with community to punctuate our efforts these past two years.
Since the end of July 2021, the re-opening has allowed us the opportunity to be part of the City’s Pop-up Plaza pilot project, in partnership with the Commercial Drive Business Society, providing a pop-up plaza on Grant Street, symbolically named Piazza Italia. A community space for all people to share, we have plugged live ambient music on weekends with local artists (duos/trios – Italian and English) to bring some much needed feel good experiences that the magic of music offers.  To see people dance outdoors on the street, safely, and capture smiles from children to the elderly is an image I chose to keep in my heart and mind, and something we need more of:  these simple feelings and experiences.
Although not Italian Day as we know it, we are culminating the Piazza music series with a larger scale music event – LIVE. Love. AMA on The Drive! – an outdoor music concert this Sunday, August 22 from noon to 9 pm at the Grant Street pop-up Plaza (aka Piazza Italia) AND we would like to INVITE YOU!  See attached invitation.
Everything has come together very quickly, and we just announced this outdoor concert to public late last week. We are trying to be responsible and not do a large media blitz (to avoid large crowds) – but do believe that it is worthy of conversation and experience.  There will be 4 performances with a capacity of 150 people for each of the performances.
I am sharing a link below, which not only provides the details and FREE TICKETS to the special event this Sunday, but also videos and the thematic foundation behind the music, which has been an uplifting tool we have used for the past two years to extend messages of courage, love and unity in these challenging times.  This also embraces youth, our future generation and hopeful tomorrow, who have the power to inspire and help make this world a better place (see videos in link below). 
It has been 2 years without the joy and community Italian Day shares, but the spirit of love remains.  We welcome you to come LIVE. Love. AMA with us this Sunday, August 22nd for a magical ‘feel good’ experience delivered by the universal language of music.
If you, family or friends would like to attend – there are links to register for all or select performances in the above link and here again:
Thank you for all you do in the community, and the partnership we have had up until this pandemic hit.  We extend much love and gratitude, and look forward to starting the Italian Day 2022 conversation soon.
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