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Native to the European province of Piedmont in Italy, Ruggero Romano is a documentary filmmaker based in Vancouver, where he hosts his film talk show/podcast “Room Tone The Radio Show”. After moving to Vancouver in 2016, Ruggero graduated from Vancouver Film School and dedicated himself to authentic stories that embrace the beauty of the human spirit. It’s after a multitude of documentaries with the Indigenous community in British Columbia, that Ruggero decided to raise the unheard voices of controversial Downtown Eastside Vancouver and release his debut feature documentary “V6A”, with the purpose to inspire locals to think differently about the community that colours one of the most controversial postal codes in North America.

It was a warm vibrant day in Palermo when I looked up at Teatro Massimo’s pediment and read “L’arte rinnova i popoli e ne rivela la vita” (Art renews the community and it unveils its life). In that moment, I knew I was in the right place at the right time. From April 16th to April 19th, 115 Italian delegates from all over the world reunited in Palermo to explore and discuss the future of the global Italian network, giving birth to “Il Seminario di Palermo”. For me, being there meant representing the Italian Community in Vancouver and Canada: purpose showered my soul.
The blend of all these personalities from across the globe made every day a sparkling combination of encounters. The carefully studied program gave us the opportunity to dive deep into the initiatives and ideas envisioned to create a change for Italians living outside of the motherland, and the results speak for themselves. While solidifying the International Italian network through the various “COMITES” (Comitato degli Italiani all’estero), we all had the opportunity to identify the issues, discuss the procedures and initiate the process to create a more fluid and supportive network. This seminar has been the result of years of work from an extraordinary group of people that understood and embraced the importance of giving a voice to the younger generations, much credit goes to Maria Chiara Prodi and Silvia Alciati, who coordinated the event with much care and expertise.
The act of involving the newer generations to take action has already payed off, and has given attention, responsibility and trust to the future leaders of our communities. The importance of such allowance is not to be underestimated. This speaks out loud to the potential of fresh perspectives in a world that is being rinsed out day by day by new technologies, discoveries, and changes. In other words: an investment on every level.
An investment in our culture, that we stand up to feed every single day by saying “Grazie” with a warm smile. An investment in our community, that we celebrate by looking at each other in the eyes, and speaking the truth that inhabits our hearts. An investment in the Love for our country and all its beauties, that taught us to enjoy every second that Life keeps gifting us.
It is with the heart in my hands, that I invite you to look up ahead at the future of our culture, and its potential to vitalise the countries that don’t know yet of the transcendent power of the “Italianità”. Our focus on the arts, passion and love for life, to renew the communities we are lucky and grateful to touch.
Bright times ahead for the Italian community in Vancouver, with the potential to unveil a richer YVR, with the care it deserves.
What to say? This seminar has planted seeds of motivation across the whole globe, it has reminded us of what it means to be Italian, and to love our country in all its colours, tints and shades, to create change for the better. As you are reading this, the big team involved in the seminar is working hard to propel the initiatives envisioned in tune with the COMITES, and you are invited to join the movement of change that’s happening for us all.
Take a moment to feel the impressive amount of history and culture that inhabits you, breathe it in, and own it. Ultimately, it is our choice to give up on it, or nurture it for the future of our nation… because the way you will be remembered is bigger than yourself, and the way Italy will be remembered is bigger than us all.
Take a step into the day, and never forget: We Love Life and We Live Love, We are Italians.
Tanto Amore a tutti,
Ruggero Romano
L’arte rinnova i popoli e ne rivela la vita.
www.ruggeroromano.com – www.seminariodipalermo.it

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