“Gusto” A Taste Of Italy Arrived In Vancouver’s Olympic Village

By Frank Cucca

Marco Polo: Federico Fuoco, Joe Fazio, and Nick Fazio, tell our Marco Polo readers your story and how this came about?
Federico Fuoco: Gusto, which in Italian, means taste, savor, enjoy, appreciate, was born with the sole purpose of bringing “a taste of Italy” to Vancouver, and eventually all of North America. When in Italy, and wherever in Italy, one can go to any corner café and get an excellent espresso, a pastry, a panino, a slice of pizza, and/or a gelato. You can get all of those wonderful food items at one place and not have to worry about travelling from place to place. Hence, we brought this Italian concept to Vancouver to introduce to the public a “taste” of Italian tradition.
After many trips to Italy, and exhaustive research, we have sourced out what we feel are the best and most authentic Italian products, such as Jolly coffee, the Italian flour we use to make our Scrocchiarella pizza and panini (one of the first to introduce to North America), our homemade artisanal gelato, and our Italian pastries. We guarantee that one will have an epicurean experience at Gusto. The Jolly coffee alone is worth a visit. It is the smoothest espresso, so refined, unlike anything in North America.
Most espresso coffee in North America is either burnt tasting or chemical tasting, or worse, both. However, with Jolly, the espresso is the most pleasant and delectable coffee experience one will ever have, and Gusto is proud to have the exclusivity. Our Scrocchiarella pizza uses Scrocchiarella flour which creates the lightest, airiest and tastiest pizza ever produced. One can eat a whole tray and not feel bloated-it truly is the next evolution in pizza, and again we at Gusto are pleased to bring it to Vancouver.The gelato at Gusto is made in-house using traditional Italian gelato master techniques. The texture, flavor, and consistency of our gelato will instantly transport you to the finest gelaterias in Italy. We at Gusto have also sourced out state of the art display cases for our food products, such as the patented Tonda gelato display case. These display cases keep the items that we serve at the optimum freshness and taste. They are ultra-modern in design and function. The décor at Gusto compliments the display cases with a modern Milano look that instantly transports one to Italy. We invite you to come and visit us at Gusto, which is the next best thing to going to Italy.
We are very proud of our Italian heritage and we look forward to serving you our authentic and artisanal products which we make with love and “gusto”!
Buon appetito and mangia con Gusto!
Marco Polo: Federico, I understand that this is a partnership with two of your nephews.
Tell me how it came about?
Federico Fuoco: I asked my two nephews, Nicola (Nick) and Joe Fazio, to partner with me in this venture because of their talent, hard work ethic, and their love for all things Italian.
They will be the ones that will be hands-on in running the business. In fact, the parent company of Gusto is called Mauritana Enterprises Ltd., which is named after the area where my mother, their grandmother, is from in Calabria, Italy.
It is with great pride that we cherish and pay homage to our Italian traditions, and I am very proud that my two nephews are carrying the mantle of our Italian roots.
On behalf of our Italian Canadian Community I would like to thank you all for bringing a Taste of Italy to our beautiful City and wishing you every success!

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