Franco Peta-Running for Vancouver City Councillor

DSC_0590So my story goes like this I’m first generation Canadian from Italian Immigrant Parents from Calabria, Italy. Born and Raised in Vancouver. Grew up on Victoria and Commercial Drive as a child if I wanted anything extra in life I had to earn my own money as my parents only had money for the bare necessities like a roof over our heads, food and clothing most of the times the clothing was hand me downs from my older cousins.
So at a very young age I learned how to be an Entrepreneur. For neighbors I learned how to cut grass, shovel snow, sell Christmas Cards and 1967 Olympic memorabilia door to door from an ad in the back of the comic books, I delivered the newspaper, at 10 years old I would take the bus all the way from Commercial Drive down to Robson St to work for my Uncle Mario’s Pizza Place. So now I’m 60 and I’ve pretty much worked for myself since I finished High School. Opening my first restaurant with my Uncle at age 18. Since then I have had several Businesses and still have businesses in Vancouver. Which is the main reason I have now chosen to run for a Councillor Position for the City of Vancouver
If Elected my mission statement is to make Vancouver City Hall the most business friendly City in Canada. I want to open a Business Unit at City Hall to give potential Entrepreneurs all the necessary information they will need prior to opening a business in Vancouver.
That way they are not surprised by all the red tape it takes to open a business. Before they actually rent a commercial space and pay COMMERCIAL PROPERTY TAXES which are 5X what residents pay. So they start off with all the right information so they can get the new business up and running as soon as possible.
I want to be a Voice and Advocate for Small Business in Vancouver, it’s been a long time coming. Small Business employs 80% of the people in Canada and pay the bulk of the taxes that make Canada the country it is today.
Also with my Party we will find out exactly where all the property taxes collected are being spent or wasted on projects that do not directly improve Vancouver taxpayers quality of life. For example we want to keep the Georgia and Dunsmuir Street Viaducts as we feel the City is not disclosing the actual cost of tearing them down and redoing all the infrastructure required after to rebuild the surrounding areas they say $1.7 Billion we have information that it would be closer to $4.5 Billion. That with the fact our City is already $2.0 Billion in Debt would make Vancouverites even worse off than we already are.
Franco Peta

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