First impressions matter when you’re meeting potential employers

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Dianna Lee – Manager, Marketing and Communications

Whether you’re going to a job fair, applying in person for a job, or meeting a prospective employer for a job interview, a first impression is formed within seconds and can have a direct impact on your success in getting hired. Your appearance, body language and communication are all elements of the image you present. Are you projecting the image of a competent, confident, trustworthy and approachable person?
Most interviewers make their decision about a candidate within minutes!
Think about how you may come across to others and how you can improve on that first impression.
Analyze your appearance: Do your clothes and personal appearance project an appropriate image for the position you’re applying for?
Consider the workplace environment – is it a formal, or more casual setting?
Fine-tune your verbal communications skills: Show good manners by being courteous and attentive.
Speak clearly, concisely and don’t rush your words.
Practice this in your daily interactions until this feels comfortable.
Be positive, open and confident: Stand tall, make eye contact and greet others with a firm handshake and a friendly demeanor. Focus on the interviewer(s) and don’t be distracted by your nerves or your surroundings.

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