Famee Furlane Vancouver 60th Anniversary

webThe local social club and benevolent society, called the Famèe Furlane Vancouver, was formed in 1958 by group of mostly young immigrants to Canada from the Region of Friuli in Northern Italy. Since then, the Famèe Furlane team have grown and continue to go strong. As mentioned on their website, “The Famee Furlane Society of Vancouver promotes Friulan culture, traditions, friendship, and folklore by providing various musical, artistic, athletic, culinary, travel, and recreational events for all members to enjoy’. Today, Famèe Furlane continues to maintain their founding ideals to preserve its commitment to the community. This year marks Famèe Furlane’s 60th anniversary! And, to celebrate, they organized an amazing Dinner&Dance Gala at Famèe Furlane Hall. It was an evening of delicious food, guest speakers, musical entertainment and raffles. The event brought together volunteers, community partners, youth speakers, board members and all of those who contributed to building this wonderful club!
“Birthdays generally are reflecting and measuring what is important. Our furlanitât is something precious. At its very root is the Furlan family. Perseverance and a legendary work ethic is similarly a cornerstone of furlanitât. The history the Famèe really mirrors the history of each individual family in the membership; persons arriving in the new land with limited resources and boundless drive; the hard work and perseverance of each man and woman to make a better life; loved ones gathering to celebrate our traditions that model the family; a compassion to remember those who are less fortunate. Our club is really a roll up of these individual family stories. The Famèe Furlane Vancouver is the collective Furlan family in British Columbia. We are now 60 years old. Our mission is to harness our furlanitât to embrace the next 60 years. For all the members past who started this wonderful organization, to those who nurtured it over the years, and to the present Furlan community that continues this beautiful legacy, it is an honour to extend a Bon Complean!” declared Tony Fabbro president of the club.
Marco Polo Newspaper would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Famèe Furlane Vancouver for this historical anniversary.

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