Everything in Mangia e Scappa is a truly authentic Italian experience

In the summer of 2015, Mangia e Scappa expanded, adding a restaurant and a commercial kitchen to the grocery store, which allows Giulia to supply stores throughout the Lower Mainland. “I supply other stores with Italian flatbread,” Giulia explains. “We make it over steam with equipment we brought from Italy. We are also bringing over an Italian pizza oven to cook authentic pizzas.”
Marco Polo What’s the story behind the restaurant Mangia e Scappa?
Giulia Carbone The whole inspiration behind the restaurant was to share my family’s traditions with everybody. I’ve always loved, in Italy, all the different products and the way people display the products, how they package them and the flavours. There’s a uniqueness to it all.
And that’s why I wanted to bring that to Canada and create that experience for people so they don’t necessarily have to travel to Italy in order to experience what Italy has to offer.
Marco Polo What makes Italy such a special place for food?
Giulia Carbone Italy is known for: its simplicity. You enjoy good quality without throwing so much into it.
Marco Polo When did you know that this was your dream and passion?
Giulia Carbone I’ve always loved cooking and baking and really enjoying my family’s traditions. So I decided to share all the traditions and the recipes.
Marco Polo Where do you scout out good ingredients?
Giulia Carbone I try to keep it as authentic as possible. I fly in the burrata cheese and the Buffalo from Rome. The ingredients, in the end, do speak for themselves. And I think that is what keeps people coming back.
The restaurant also uses only 00 flour for its pastries, pastas and breads, rather than opting for readily available Canadian flours.
Marco Polo What is something most people don’t know about Mangia e Scappa?
Giulia Carbone I try to keep it strictly as Italian as possible.
Other than fresh produce, where I try to support local farms.
And the local butcher I use is an Italian butcher out in the country who is within 15 minutes of the restaurant called Bonetti’s.
Marco Polo Please describe the atmosphere at Mangia e Scappa. How do you want guests to feel when they walk in the door?
Giulia Carbone Everything in Mangia e Scappa is a truly authentic Italian experience. Sharing that piece of my family tradition with others is what keeps me going and its thankful that customers appreciate.
Marco Polo What is the secret of making everything so delicious?
Giulia Carbone I have one chef from Bologna that makes all the pasta and a chef from Rome who does all the breads and the pastries, and a chef from Venice who designed the whole menu.
Executive Chef Alessandro Rampazzo comes from an area called Vicenza, and it was all inspired by him and the area that he comes from, and also his traditional training. They all get along and they all bring in flavours from different regions.
Marco Polo What would your customers say they love most about your restaurant?
Giulia Carbone It’s simple. It is fresh ingredients. It’s healthy. It’s very low in fat and sugars. It’s all natural.
There are no additives or preservatives. I think people love it because it’s clean, simple recipes, but fresh of course. I didn’t think Mangia e Scappa would be so well received, that’s why I started off so small thinking it was just a little dream I had in my head and wouldn’t be enjoyed as much as it has been. It’s really a compliment.

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