Doesn’t look like it belongs in B.C.? Please report it, say invasive species officials

Officials worried about invasive species in B.C. want people to report insects, plants or animals that don’t appear as if they they belong in the province. The call comes after some exotic wildlife showed up in Metro Vancouver. The worry is that some exotic species will become established in B.C., pushing out native species for space, food or light.
A couple in North Vancouver are concerned about B.C.’s honey bee population after they found and captured a huge hornet at an office along Vancouver’s waterfront a week ago. “We were absolutely mortified,” said Valerie Greer. She suspects the big hornet is a Japanese giant hornet, which prey on honey bees.
“You know the minute that we saw it, we knew it wasn’t right and we knew it didn’t belong here,” Greer said. She and her partner kept the insect and froze it in their freezer. They’re handing it over to officials at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum at the University of British Columbia to try to establish a positive identification.
“These things are massive,” said Greer, referring to the hornet. “We just thought ‘this is not good, we need to find out what the heck is going on.'”
Officials commended Greer and her partner for capturing the hornet and having it properly identified.
It’s what they want others to do if they see something that doesn’t look like it belongs in B.C. Gail Wallin runs the Invasive Species Council of B.C., which works with multiple levels of government to enable reporting and public outreach.
Canadian Press

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