Caposhie: A Sharp Dresser’s Guide to Learn Italian

by Cinzia Candela Bicego

Whenever my Canadian friends ask me to teach them Italian conversation, “Just what I need for a holiday in Italy,” as they say, I strive to teach them some essential phrases to give them a basic knowledge of the Bel Paese language and to be able to speak conversational Italian without fear.

I am an Orthoepist. I teach the correct pronunciation of the beautiful spoken sound of the Italian language. I am a specialized diction and inflection coach to actors, opera singers, and other professionals or interested persons. Therefore, I am very aware of the importance of speaking with clear pronunciation, no matter what language one speaks. Recently, I planned to create a simple and entertaining series of short INSTAGRAM presentations aimed at beginners/intermediate learners to help them to understand the basics of word pronunciation and sentence meaning. I was fortunate when Caposhie, the clothing company where I have worked for the past four years, accepted my proposal.

Caposhie is a young, fast-growing Canadian company, with stores in Metro Vancouver, Victoria, and Alberta. They produce a wide range of casual yet stylish women’s clothing and accessories, using natural fabrics and artisan-like craftsmanship. Recently, I have been modeling and acting as a testimonial for Caposhie. I knew that the company imports quality fabrics from Italy, therefore it was only natural for them to add a touch of Italian language and culture to their corporate philosophy. I consider myself fortunate to have the pleasure of collaborating with Adelle Renaud, the company’s dynamic President and Cofounder, who believes in the connection between fashion and culture. Designer Alanah Jones and professional photographer Daisy Mills also supported me in completing the INSTAGRAM project.

I am thrilled at the launch of this project on such a well-known social platform. Not only it will contribute to highlighting Caposhie’s newest clothing collections, but it might also motivate more viewers to take an interest in the Italian language and culture. On a practical level, viewers planning a trip to Italy could practice helpful Italian sentences. A vacation is always more exciting when one can navigate through a few situations speaking like a “born and bred Italian.” I am sure everybody will have great fun when watching my playful Italian conversation lessons on Caposhie’s social media and website: @caposhie for Instagram, and




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Tarla Curran
Tarla Curran
1 year ago

Sounds interesting. Is one free to start anytime? What is the fee?I’m not yet on Instagram, but will if this is the venue.



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