Campani nel Mondo picnic a great success

web3A beautiful Sunday afternoon at Confederation Park and a perfect setting for the Associazione Campani Nel Mondo Annual picnic.
The turn out was fantastic as members and their friends enjoyed the sun , food and a good time. I would like to thank all the members who supported this annual picnic. The directors did an amazing job in serving so many members, their friends and visitors to the park. The menu included pasta, sausages, pork sandwiches and fried pizza. The Associazione is trying to introduce new food items every year and this year the pork sandwiches were a hit as they sold out before the end of the afternoon. This event is intended to bring people together whether they be members, friends or existing patrons of the park. By the talking and mingling I think or hope to think we achieved our goal. The background music supplied by the Associazione added and extra flair to the event. There were even some people dancing. The Associazione does not consider this event a fundraiser but rather an opportunity for getting to know its members and hopefully let people see what our organization does and has to offer. I am proud to be the president of such an organization where all the directors work together to promote the success of the Associazione. The directors and their spouses work hard throughout the year to provide different events for the members and their friends. I would like to thank them and to wish them, their spouses and friends a safe and healthy summer.
Giuseppe Rea
President of Associazione Campani Nel Mondo

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What was the cost of admission to the picnic ?

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