Burnaby Citizens Association Delivers Central Park Cameras

1Delivering on pledge to keep Burnaby a safe place to live, work, learn and play

Derek Corrigan and the Burnaby Citizens Association (BCA) announced the City of Burnaby has delivered new security cameras to Central Park.
“The new cameras by the City of Burnaby is an example of the fulfillment of the Burnaby Citizens Association’s ongoing commitment to ensuring Burnaby is a safe place to live, work, learn and play,” said Derek Corrigan, the Burnaby Citizens Association Mayor and candidate for re-election. “Keeping Burnaby a safe place to live, work, learn and play, is a top priority,” said Pietro Calendino, a Burnaby Citizens Association Councillor running for re-election. “Our success is greatly enhanced by the citizens who guide our work to make Burnaby a safe and sustainable city.“
“Your Burnaby Citizens Association Mayor and City Council are also delivering 14 new RCMP officers, RCMP Bike Patrols, replacement of a fire station closer to SFU and almost $1 million for crime prevention measures including: improved parks and trail signage and call boxes, along with the installed security cameras,” continued Pietro Calendino.
“I regularly attend Public Safety meetings and have seen first-hand through my work with the community, the commitment of the Burnaby Citizens Association Mayor and Council to keep our city safe,” said long-time Burnaby resident and business owner, Heymann Yip. “People come to Burnaby because it is a desirable, vibrant and safe place to help their kids succeed, I am thankful for our trusted leadership.”

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