Annual Confratellanza  Italo-Canadese/NBBC Boxing night

By Manny Sobral

It was an exciting and thrilling night of amateur boxing at the Italian Cultural Centre on Thursday November 15! The 9 matches were all very competitive and evenly matched bouts. Two bouts, #1 and #9 had to be made into sparring exhibitions matches as one of the boxers had suffered a last minute injury and had to be replaced with a substitute. Other than not having a conclusive decision, these two bouts were exhilarating displays of the ‘sweet science’.
In the 7 years that the Confratellanza Italo-Canadese has teamed up with the North Burnaby Boxing Club to continue the boxing events at the Italian Cultural Centre, this was the very 1st time that a female match was on the card. Thursday nights bout between Anika Sehgul of Surrey and Freya Orr of Kelowna was a breathtaking seesaw battle that turned out to be the fight of the night, and quite possibly one of the most competitive and entertaining fights in the 35 years of boxing at the ICC.
1) 135 lbs Lightweight Exhibition Bout
Charlie Dawson (NBBC) VS Nikhilesh Nayar (Contenders}
2) 147 lbs Welterweight
Jake MacDougal (NBBC) VS Jimmy Hollier (Peachland Boxing)
3) 141 lbs Light Welterweight
Anika Sehgul (Savard’s Boxing) VS Freya Orr (Los Gatos Locos)
4) 147 lbs Welterweight
Manny Shergill (NBBC) VS Andres Howard (Los Gatos Locos)
5) 147 lbs Welterweight
Matthew Della Penna (Savard’s Boxing) VS Aezia Orr (Los Gatos Locos)
6) 147 lbs Welterweight
Bout 6 Cancelled due to Boxer illness’
Filippos Liappas (NBBC) VS Ijazz Faheem (Surrey School of Boxing)
7) 140 lbs Light Welterweight
Cody Lam (NBBC) VS Japji Thind (Surrey School of Boxing)
8) 140 lbs Light Welterweight
Nathan Dizon (NBBC) VS Vincent Ma (Beyond Boxing)
9) 200+ lbs Heavyweight Exhibition Bout
Thomas Felix Volker (Mission Boxing Club) VS Rob Mason Brown (Los Gatos Locos)
10) 152 lbs Welterweight
Akbar Qurban (NBBC) VS Donovan Cridland (Los Gatos Locos)

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