A Tavola! The Authentic Italian Table 2021

by Augusto Oriani

On June 3 the “A Tavola” event took place, organized by the Italian Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with The Dirty Apron Cooking School of Vancouver, it was a unique virtual cooking course with an Italian theme. Participants followed Chef David as he taught an authentic Italian meal consisting of three dishes. From a technical point of view, I do not dwell on the visually very beautiful cooked dishes, but on the figure of chef David, an excellent chef but with an innate art of knowing how to convey all his knowledge to people, David is the typical person who manages to exemplify a difficult concept understandable to non-professionals and this is truly the soul of the culinary art The Authentic Italian Table is one of the activities of the True Italian Taste project, funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and developed by Assocamerestero in collaboration with the Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad to safeguard authentic Italian food but also safeguard all supply chain of Italian agri-food products. All this is incorporated into the “The Extraordinary Italian Taste” program.

This event was born in 2016 for the markets of the United States, Canada and Mexico with great success, so as to be introduced in 2017 also in Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Holland, United Kingdom, Spain and Switzerland, to then extend to China and Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam and it is expected that by the end of this year, this event will also reach Australia, Brazil, India, Poland and Russia.

True Italian Taste’s mission aims to increase knowledge and conscious consumption of 100% made-in Italy food in markets where Italian products are more often compared with those that use cursive symbols or names even if they are not of Italian origin, therefore a real Food School Education. The activities are aimed at a target of sector operators “such as importers, distributors, purchasing managers of hotel chains and specialized shops, chefs, food bloggers, sector journalists, nutritionists, testimonials and opinion leaders linked in various capacities, therefore, to agri-food ” food supply chain, and include Educational Tours, incoming business, workshops and seminars in Italy and a whole series of training actions, masterclasses and events to promote the 100% Italian product abroad.

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3 months ago

It’s good article and lots of information about the Italian food and culture..👍👍

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