A New Vision for a New Company: Meet Ibrahim Alashkar, a Young, Forward-thinking Professional

by Anna Foschi

Many people harbour the dream of becoming their own boss. However, not everybody strives to make that dream come true. At 28, Ibrahim Alashkar, a Vancouver-based visionary professional has fulfilled his wish. He recently launched his new company Ashgar Services Inc., whose mission is to help immigrants and newcomers get established in their new country. The company provides an ample range of consulting services on financial literacy and helps immigrant families build a financially secure future. Moreover, it helps them navigate the network of available social services, which is often a daunting task for newcomers. Taking a cue from the pandemic-induced life and work changes, Ashgar Services focuses on simplifying complex processes to provide the optimal outcome for clients’ needs. It accomplishes this goal through a convenient delivery of financial and social services. As he states: “To achieve these goals, Ashgar’s Services Inc. is changing the way services are delivered. The company will work around your schedule and deliver multiple services to you in the way that best suits your unique needs. Whether it is online, over the phone, or in-personwe will fulfill your needs and steer you away from the unnecessary complications that come with conventional office practices.” For a more detailed description of the company services, go to: https://ashgars.com/

Ibrahim came to Canada in 2006 as a teenager. After completing senior high school, he obtained a BA degree, majoring in Financial Services at Douglas College. He holds multiple certificates related to the social sector and sports. After graduating, he worked with non-profit organizations and government-funded programs mostly aimed at supporting newcomers with social and settlement needs. Ibrahim loved working with and assisting diverse clientele from diverse backgrounds and age groups. His experience as an immigrant allowed him to create a trusting relationship with his clients and inspired him to expand his work in the field. He stresses that immigrants are Canada’s backbone and play a key role in the country’s prosperity. He is a fitness and sports enthusiast who works out regularly and actively trains in martial arts. Ibrahim has been playing soccer all his life and has experience playing in four countries at a professional level. Ibrahim is also highly active in community life. As the co-founder and Treasurer of a non-profit society, he volunteers his time to organize fundraisers and events and manage financial operations.

Ibrahim accepted to answer a series of questions in the following interview granted to Il Marcopolo:

Anna Foschi: What makes Ashgar’s stand out among similar service providers? What can it offer in terms of innovation?

Ibrahim Alashkar: In short, Ashgar’s Services Inc. provides convenience and satisfaction. Our Staff has the knowledge and the experience to best assist our clients. And we work around your schedule. Services provided could be in-person, via phone, or virtually…whatever is suitable for you.

Ashgar’s goals are convenience and satisfaction, we strive to be the best and innovative in terms of quality of services.

Anna Foschi: Are your company services accessible to all immigrants?

Ibrahim Alashkar: Yes, services are accessible to all immigrants. Services are also accessible to others such as citizens and refugees. Some services could be accessible to international clients such as financial services (budgeting). Ashgar’s Services welcomes all!

 Anna Foschi: What motivated you to start your company?

Ibrahim Alashkar: Since I was a child, I have always had a vision towards having my own business and being my boss. Once COVID-19 occurred, it caused a huge shock economically, and I witnessed that employees are replaceable. The pandemic caused many people to lose their employment and income and proved that job security is jeopardized. Therefore, COVID-19 was a wake-up call for me. It was the best time to start learning about being an entrepreneur, taking the right courses, and connecting with the right people while using the skills and tools available for me to optimize, develop, and utilize towards my own goals.


Anna Foschi: What are your plans for the near future, and from a long-term perspective?

Ibrahim Alashkar: Grow the business and expand into a physical location eventually. Also, reach a new customer base outside of my own community, and possibly internationally. I would love to expand into immigration services after becoming certified in this sector and become an immigration consultant since immigrants are the backbone of Canada.

Contact:  info@ashgars.com

Website: https://ashgars.com/




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