30 ways people’s interests are changing during the coronavirus outbreak, according to Yelp

Yelp, an online directory for businesses and services with crowd-sourced reviews, has released data about Americans’ changing eating habits and business interests during the past month. The data, presented in chart form, highlights how the coronavirus outbreak is changing consumer interest in the way people shop, eat, work, and relax.

Some of the changes are obvious. The charts released by Yelp indicate a major shift from sit-down to take-out and delivery restaurant options, a move toward emergency medical needs as opposed to elective services like massages, and a decrease in leisurely outings to more stay-at-home activities.

The spectrum of changes noted by Yelp highlight the major impact that social distancing, mandated shutdowns, and stay-at-home orders have on the consumer-based economy, as people’s routines increasingly shift toward more home-bound activity.

There’s been a shift from sit-down to take-out options — pizza and chicken-wing orders are on the rise — while cafes and breakfast and brunch-style options decline in popularity, according to Yelp.

Local grocers are having a good stint but more specialty stores like breweries and gelato are struggling, Yelp said.

When it comes to the entertainment sector, consumers’ interest in home fitness, pets, and television are jumping in popularity, while shopping centers and bridal stores are down, according to Yelp.

As for finances, mortgage lenders are on an upswing, while tax services slip downward since the announcement of the tax deadline extension.

The magnitude of shifts in commerce appears to generally align with the hotspots of the coronavirus outbreak, Yelp showed, with the biggest changes in NYC followed by Washington state. The coasts are being rattled more than central states. However, Florida and Georgia, both sites of major COVID-19 outbreaks, are experiencing less extreme shifts in business behavior, according to Yelp.

For its methodology, Yelp said it measured consumer interest “in terms of daily U.S. counts of a few of the many actions people take to connect with businesses on Yelp: viewing business pages or posting photos or reviews.”

Scroll on to see the changes in consumer interest across a variety of sectors.

Business Categories That Are Rising



Business Categories That Are Falling


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