Davide Pan: from art history studies to the Venice Biennale

10495381_838361432850323_4960271235394581675_oBorn in Vicenza (Italy) in 1965, Davide Pan migrated to Canada in 1980). After receiving a Studio Art Diploma from Capilano University, he chose to study at the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Venice. Returned to Canada, Davide continued his fine-art studies at UBC and EQAD, while showing extensively and making sculptures for film/theatre industries. Not counting his numerous commissions, starting in 1984, Pan’s curriculum lists 19 solo-exhibitions and 65 group-shows: for over twenty-five years, the artist has produced a remarkable amount of works of all sizes and media, gaining recognition as a metal sculptor. A former Canadian Minister for the Environment defined him: “Lo scultore ecologo”, titling his article “Paint this Sculptor Green” and writing: “This sculptor’s magic is in bringing back to new life objects that where already considered dead”. Davide Pan – who lives and works in Vancouver BC – participated to the 2011 Venice Biennale. The Sculpture at the Italian Cultural Centre
The idea – create a public art permanent sculptural installation to mark Italian Canadian contributions to the community – was born more than two years ago. The project, led by the sculptor Davide Pan and the Museum curator Angela Clarke, was intended to “utilize the stories, artifacts, objects and archival information to create a three-dimensional legacy of the Italian Community in Vancouver”.
The Sculpture to the Immigrants – officially unveiled in piazza Caboto last November 4th by Michael Cuccione, ICCS president – symbolically links our past, present, and future. This public art creation is a symbol of the historical Italian immigration to Canada, and his particular bond to Vancouver and Britih Columbia.


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