Mandarino for Mayor

MandarinoI Massimo Mandarino formally announce my candidacy for MAYOR OF COQUITLAM. Being a long time resident of Coquitlam, I’ve seen the changes and growth in Coquitlam, therefore, now more than ever before, we need someone that is best equipped to help manage this growth. With my extensive business background and community involvement I have the know how to guide Coquitlam to NEW heights!
I believe in being transparent and accountable and I PROMISE to deliver on the things that matter most to YOU!
Keeping TAXES LOW! with property values increasing the city does not need to increase property taxes year upon year. if elected i promise to freeze tax increases, spending, and any and all wage increases so we may begin the roll back of property taxes, more affordable housing! Working with developers to increase amount of rental and other affordable housing options in all new developments. including relaxing bylaws that restrict the use of rental suites in homes
Taking care of our seniors! raising the grant amount to give those on fixed incomes a little more help. safer roads for our kids to commute to and from school, including well lit crosswalks!
Building more ice rinks for hockey and bring back curling to Poirier rec centre
Bring ride sharing programs to our city!
Keeping our community safe, better financial management of taxes, making Coquitlam affordable and creating a strong and sustainable local economy.
Every election provides a chance to define our future and make a choice in leadership that will help define ours and the next generation’s future. I am the candidate best to stand up for our citizens, families, our community and to make the required decisions for forward progression.
Available at (604) 218-4090
Massimo Mandarino


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