Good samaritan hands in envelope full of cash found on the street

4You’ve heard the stories, or perhaps it even happened to you. You remove part of a wall in the basement to do some repairs on the house you bought ten years ago and find a bag of money, several thousand dollars, hidden away. You find an envelope of cash left on a bench at the park, a wallet on the sink in a public restroom, or a $100 bill on the sidewalk when no one is around.
An envelope filled with money was lost in the parking lot of La Piazza Dario Ristorante. Claudio Ranallo the owner called us right away to place anouncement in the paper to find the person who lost the envelope.
“Someone, somewhere had something planned for this weekend and is now not doing it,” Claudio told the paper.
“It could be someone’s rent, someone’s savings, someone’s holiday money,” he said. “I want whoever it belongs to, to get it back.”
If you lost it and you know what was written on the envelope,in order to be identified with the actual owner, please call him at (604) 430-2195 or go directly to their location 3075 Slocan Street, Vancouver, BC


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