Fieste de Patrie dal Friul

web1Famèe Fûrlane of Vancouver hosted a Membership Appreciation and the “Fieste de Patrie dal Friul” event on Sunday, June 3. This event, which it is celebrated every year in Friuli the 3rd of April, it is an important date for the people of Friuli, since it marks the beginning of the Patriarchal State of Friuli in 1077. The institution gather Friuli and many other territories in one single State, that at the time enjoyed very advanced forms of civil organizations. The cultural program included a short story reading, “Funghi in Città by Italo Calvino” performed by Susan Bertoia with Gianluca Bertoia on accordion. The Famèe Fûrlane Dancers led by Doris Polano and Linda Marchet performed traditional dance selections. President of the Famèe Fûrlane Vancouver, Mr. Tony Fabbro provided a couple of short video clips that featured some of the Friulan Culture and views of some of the landmarks of the region. Tony, also made special presentations acknowledging significant membership contributions. Led by Esterida Colussi, the menu featured traditional Friulan foods which included; Frico with Baccalà, Risotto alla Zucca, Brovada with muset, Crostoli, and Pinza (traditional desserts).


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