Federico Fuoco, named the Confratellanza’s Italo-Canadese of 2018

web3.jpgA citation, approved by President Bruno Tassone and the CIC Executive, was presented to Federico Fuoco by Robert Casanova, Chair of the Selection Committee on Thursday, May 5th.
Federico Fuoco has been dedicated to serving and celebrating Vancouver’s Italian-Canadian community for decades. His great pride and appreciation for hiItalian heritage has prompted him to bring honor to Italian-Canadians since his childhood. Federico is currently a director on the Commercial Drive BIA (since 2001). While serving on this board Federico has always had the Commercial Drive merchants’ best interest in mind. From 2008 to 2012, he was part of the Vancouver Fair Tax Coalition advocating to lower the commercial to residential tax ratio in order to have a fair playing field that supported small, local community-based businesses. The success of this would protect many Italian and long time merchants on The Drive that served Vancouver Italians and others for many years. He is currently working to protect the merchants from the construction of bike lanes on Commercial Drive, since the Drive already runs parallel to two other bike lanes and many merchants will not survive the loss of parking, not to mention further traffic congestion. Federico’s genuine concern on how this will impact so many long time businesses on Commercial Drive is fully supported by the vast majority of the Drive’s merchants. Federico has brought many positive changes to Commercial Drive during his long tenure on the BIA in hopes to clean up the Drive and make it the place that it once was. Safe, family oriented and cultural! These are just some examples of Federico’s years of volunteering and commitment to bring the Italian-Canadian community of Vancouver together to celebrate our Italian heritage. To list all of Federico’s volunteer efforts over the years would be a very lengthy list. Aside from all of his volunteering, Federico has also headlined some of the largest charity events in the city, including The Crystal and Diamond Balls, the Michael Cuccione Foundation Galas and numerous fundraising galas held by CISVA schools in Greater Vancouver. Not only has he headlined at these events but always contributes to their auctions to help them raise funds. Federico never says no to helping out with these fundraisers. He has also dedicated his time to Our Lady of Sorrows Parish where he has been the choir director for decades and is still there every Sunday at 11:30 mass leading his beautiful choir. Federico takes time out of his busy schedule to perform with his father, Gianni, at Villa Carital, a seniors care home near the Italian Center, with mostly Italian residents. The residents and staff there know and love him for the joy he brings to them through his music. If people lived to be 200, they would not touch nearly as many hearts as Federico already has, and he still has long way to go! Through his music, entertainment, volunteer hours, teaching, donations, patience, discipline, caring, etc. he is truly an extraordinary person.



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