Graziano Sovernigo owns a Paradise Village in Mexico

By Randy Rinaldo

I was pleased to see such reverence paid to Graziano Sovernigo, the man who built Nuevo Vallarta. Graziano immigrated from Treviso, Italy to Vancouver under the same incredible circumstances that many of our parents did. After years of hard work and sacrifice, he came to Nuevo Vallarta where he built Paradise Village Resort & eventually built shopping centres, hospitals, casinos and schools for thousands of his workers, amongst many other things.
What always amazes me is the number of poor uneducated immigrants who came from Treviso, Veneto with nothing but an acumen for hard work to become amongst the most successful free enterprisers of our time. A book could be written on the amount of employment, taxes paid and wealth created by people from this small province given the post World War Two poverty that they came from, an amount that could dwarf the GDP of some small countries no doubt.
Incredibly fitting that the tribute to Graziano is of him holding a shovel. Ironically a man who spent a lifetime building vacation resorts himself never had a day off.
To this day and in ailing health he still insists on going to “work.”



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