Canada’s 31 Best Companies to Work for in 2018

web3What are the best large companies to work for in Canada? Since you’re likely to spend about a third of your life at work, it’s important to be happy in your job. If you’re working for a horrible employer, your job won’t be much fun. However, even the most boring, mundane job can become a joy if you have a great employer. Every year, human capital and management consulting firm evaluates employers in Canada to find the country’s best. Here are the 31 Best Employers 2018 (platinum and gold levels).
1. Allstate Insurance Company of Canada
Last year, Allstate Insurance was named the second best employer in the country. This year the US insurance company’s Canadian division has made the top of the list.
2. ATB Financial
ATB Financial, a Crown corporation owned by the Province of Alberta, is a regular on the Aon Best Employers list. Over 5,000 people work for this Edmonton-based provider of financial services.
3. BBA
If you’re going to work in a job that could make you a millionaire, why not work for one of Canada’s top employers at the same time? Consulting engineering firm BBA is headquartered in Quebec and is involved in projects both in Canada and internationally. Their expertise covers a range of disciplines, from energy and mining to the environment.
4. Bennett Jones LLP
International law firm Bennett Jones LLP is another regular on the list of Canada’s best employers. The firm was founded in Calgary nearly a century ago and some of its employees have gone on to much bigger things, such as Prime Minister.
5. Birchwood Automotive Group
Headquartered in Winnipeg, Birchwood Automotive Group is the largest car dealership group in Manitoba. Auto sales is a good career to consider if you want to earn over $200,000 a year.
6. Canadian Apartment Property Real Estate Investment Trust
Canadian Apartment Property Real Estate Investment Trust, or CAPREIT, is one of the largest residential landlords in Canada, with headquarters in Toronto. They’ve also made Aon’s list several times in the past.
7. CIMA+
Engineering consulting firm CIMA+ has its headquarters in Laval, Quebec and offices not only throughout Canada but also in a number of African countries. Being a consulting engineer may not be one of the coolest jobs if you love to travel , but you’ll still get to see off-the-beaten-track places and make big bucks at the same time.
8. Cintas Canada Limited
This is the 10th year that Cintas Canada makes it onto Aon’s list of top employers in the country. They’re a US company with Canadian head offices in Mississauga, Ontario and they provide promotional products, corporate uniforms and cleaning products, among others.
9. Clark Builders Group of Companies
Originally founded in Yellowknife, Clark Builders is headquartered in Edmonton. Working in construction is one of the careers that will remain in demand after 2020 and if you work for one of Canada’s largest general contractors, job security is pretty much a given.
10. Colliers International
Colliers International is the only newcomer among the top 10 companies on the list of best employers in Canada. The real-estate services organization has its headquarters in Toronto but also has offices in 68 countries around the world. If you’re looking for a change of scenery, these are the best countries to work abroad.
11. Davis Automotive Group
Davis Automotive Group was founded and has its headquarters in Lethbridge, Alberta. This family business has dealerships in several Alberta locations.
12. Dilawri’s Crown Auto Group
Crown Auto Group, the Manitoba-based car dealership group founded by the Dilawri family, has made it onto Aon’s list of best Canadian employers for the fifth time. If you want a job with great discounts, you might want to consider auto sales and get a car for less.
13. Edward Jones
Edward Jones is a US investment firm with its Canadian operations headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario. It’s the 16th time that they’ve made Aon’s list, so you may really want to ace the job interview and become one of their employees.
14. Equitable Bank
Equitable Bank provides real estate lending services and is the ninth largest independent bank in Canada. With offices in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Halifax and Calgary, working for them also gives you the option of living in one of the most beautiful Canadian cities.
15. Farm Credit Canada
The largest agricultural term lender in the country, Farm Credit Canada is a Crown corporation with headquarters in Regina. The corporation has offices throughout Canada, especially in rural towns.
16. Federal Express Canada
Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Federal Express Canada Corporation is the Canadian division of US multinational courier and logistics company FedEx. It’s the 14th time Federal Express has made it onto Aon’s list. Logistics is a hot career and to keep your job, get rid of these habits that make you unpopular at work.
17. Intact Financial Corporation
It’s the third time that Canada’s largest property and casualty insurance provider makes Aon’s list of top Canadian employers. The company’s headquarters are in Toronto.
18. Keg Restaurants Limited
Founded in North Vancouver and headquartered in Richmond, BC, The Keg steakhouse chain is a regular on the list of best employers in Canada. Working in the hospitality industry can pay well even without a degree.
19. Libro Credit Union
Libro Credit Union has branches across southwestern Ontario and is owned by its members. The financial services provider is headquartered in London, Ontario, which is one of the cheapest Canadian cities to live in.
20. Maritime Travel Inc.
One of Canada’s largest independent travel agencies, Maritime Travel Inc. has its headquarters in Halifax. They’re always recruiting new travel consultants, so remember what not to do during a job interview and you might have a fun new career.
21. Meridian Credit Union
Meridian Credit Union is Canada’s fourth largest and Ontario’s largest credit union. Based in St. Catherines, Ontario, they have more than 80 branches. If you’re thinking about saving for the future, here are five reasons you should consider a high-interest savings account.
22. Purdys Chocolatier
Vancouver-based Purdys Chocolatier has been making tasty treats since it was founded in 1907. The company has more than 70 stores across Canada and has made the Aon list more than five times.
23. SAP Canada Inc.
If you’re using enterprise software at your business, there’s a good chance it came from SAP. The Canadian arm of the multinational company in headquartered in Toronto with R&D labs in several cities including Vancouver and Montreal. Heading to Montreal for an interview?
24. Stikeman Elliott LLP
Stikeman Elliott LLP has made the best employers list more than five times. The corporate law firm has five Canadian offices and three more abroad. Founded in 1952, the firm employs more than 500 lawyers. If you’re looking for one of the highest paying jobs for women, you can’t go wrong with a career in law.
25. The Co-operators
As their name implies, The Co-operators is an insurance co-operative. Based in Guelph, Ontario, the group has more than 485 agents across the country. If you’re looking at getting some life insurance, here are nine mistakes to avoid.
26. Alterna Savings
There are six additional companies from Aon’s Gold Level list including Alterna Savings, an Ottawa-based credit union. Most of its branches are in Ontario, but the Quebec market is served by a subsidiary, Alterna Bank.
27. British Columbia Automobile Association
The British Columbia Automobile Association has made the best employers list more than five times. BCAA is the BC affiliate of the Canadian Automobile Association. They provide a range of services from roadside assistance to travel insurance.
28. La Capitale Groupe Financier
La Capitale is a large insurance and financial services company based in Quebec City. Their primary market is Quebec, however, they have expanded into neighbouring Ontario.
MNP is no stranger to the best employers list, having made it more than five times. The Calgary-based chartered accountant also offers other professional services for business. They’re one of Canada’s largest accountancy firms with 4,000 employees working in offices across the country.
30. OpenRoad Auto Group Ltd.
OpenRoad Auto Group has also made the list more than five times. The Vancouver-based car dealer has 22 dealerships that represent 18 different brands.
31. PCL Constructors Inc.
PCL is a large group of independent construction firms located across Canada, the US and Australia. They have more than 4,400 employees and employ more than 10,000 hourly tradespeople.
The Edmonton-based company has made the best employers list more than five times.


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