The Realty Game

It’s said that we Canadians are obsessed by real estate. Whether related to profits and escalated land values or simply location-location-location, our newspapers and online alternatives are filled with real estate talk about the latest ‘highest priced’ property or how young people cannot buy anything at these inflated prices.
Quando i miei nonni sono emigrati in Canada negli anni ’20, their dream was to own their own home, which for many at that time in Italy, was beyond reach. My Grandparents’ needs were simple and modest: a home with a solid roof to protect and house their children, even a few chickens and goats. Spaghetti and meatball family dinners, tradition and passion would soon convert their new purchase, paid for with hard work, into a family home filled with memories and love.
However, times change and growing up in a hometown atmosphere with a lifetime career has been replaced by the overwhelming desire for financial gain. My grandparents’ dream of buying a family home has been eclipsed by exaggerated expectations, speculation, and foreign demand. Our personal domains are now listed as assets on page one of our portfolios. Investors are now using the term commodity to refer to property. I canadesi dobbiamo pagare un prezzo per questa nuova ricchezza.
La mia madre Lena, figlia di Santo e Alice Pasqualini, was a REALTOR® who began her successful career in the early 60s; my father Donato (Danny) a talented tradesman who enjoyed renovating houses. From day one I was immersed in real estate at Sunday dinners involving animated conversations about property acquisitions, renovations and sales. At 20 I took the obvious step and became a REALTOR® too. Due to my mother’s expert tutorage, I quickly began to understand the complexities of THE REALTY GAME and how to play it successfully.
After almost forty years in business, I saw I could help Canadians avoid the countless costly mistakes of others; from errors due to poor preparation, lack of guidance even incompetence. Ho deciso di scrivere una guida essenziale per il pubblico in generale e agli agenti su come riuscire a comprare, vendere e negoziare immobiliare. Many people are confused about real estate and don’t know how to get the ‘best’ deal. I wrote the book because I realised that even though the world of real estate is deadly serious and people are playing for high stakes, it is basically a game with its own set of rules. By reading my book you too can understand how The Realty Game is played and learn how to play like a pro.
THE REALTY GAME is an easy guide to Canadian real estate for anyone planning to buy or sell a property or just curious about this competitive world. I explain market conditions and trends through helpful examples and captivating stories. Whether a first-time buyer or seller or have experience of your own, this book will give you the edge you need. It offers essential tools and tips for negotiating deals, handling multiple offer situations, maximizing profits, and more. Learn how to choose an ethical ‘Master’ real estate professional and how to avoid ‘Buccaneer’ agents who put their own interests ahead of yours. Discover answers to questions like: Who’s to blame for the high cost of housing in Canada? What’s the future for our housing market? The Realty Game is both a practical step by step handbook and an entertaining read about the opportunities and pitfalls of real estate in Canada. Per aggiungere un po’ di umorismo al libro, I wrote, produced and performed the song and music video ‘The Realty Game’ an amusing view on Foreign Property Investment in Canada. It’s fun, it’s free online on YouTube (search for The Realty Game) or through my website Grazie mille e spero che vi piaccia il mio libro e che vi aiuta nelle vostri affari immobiliari. I wrote this book for you! I hope you enjoy the read and that my tips help you at every step on your next real estate adventure.
THE REALTY GAME is available in paperback, hardcover and eBook at participating bookstores and online through Chapters/Indigo, Amazon and Barns & Noble.
By Dave Iacobucci



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