Shaping Young Minds in Our Community

John met his wife America back in Templeton High School. They dated for a few years and then eventually got married in 1984. They were blessed with their first child Antonella in April of 1985 and they are very proud of her accomplishments as she is an outstanding intermediate teacher at a local Catholic School. They were then blessed six and a half years later with their son Biagio Joey who got his education degree at UBC in Kinesiology. John is extremely proud of his career achievements as he started with Stylus, Made To Order Sofas right after he graduated from High School. Established in 1959, Stylus, Made to Order Sofas has grown to be one of Canada’s largest furniture manufacturers. Stylus operates two locations in Greater Vancouver in addition to showrooms located in Vancouver and Las Vegas. Stylus employs more than 180 people.
Interview with John Audia:
Marco Polo John, where did you grow up and what elementary and high school did you attend?
John Audia Grew up in East Vancouver, attended Lord Nelson Elementary and Templeton High School.
Marco Polo What part of Italy are you from? Where you born there?
John Audia Yes, I was born in San Giovanni in Fiore, Provincia di Cosenza, Calabria. My parents immigrated to Canada in 1968.
Marco Polo Growing up, what were some of your favorite activities?
John Audia Playing Soccer and hanging out on Napier Street in Vancouver with the friends.
Marco Polo You’ve been involved in all sorts of community events and fundraisers over the years. What have been some of your favorites highlights and why?
John Audia Coaching Youth Soccer at the Italian Canadian Sports Federation (I.C.S.F.). Winning five Provincial Cups with the ICSF Juventus and my favorite all time memory was winning a Provincial Cup coaching my own son Joey. Also, very proud of shaping young minds to be productive citizens in our community.
Vice President of the Michael Cuccione Foundation for fifteen years. Making a difference and finding a cure for childhood cancer. To date we have raised over seventeen million dollars.
Marco Polo You are very passionate about your Italian Heritage, what is it about you that brings that out in such a proud way?
John Audia I have learned from my parents to be proud of who you are and to never forget where you came from and most important the value of family.
Marco Polo Your career, how did you start, tell me about it?
John Audia I began at Stylus Made To Order Sofas in 1980 right out of High School as a Shipper Receiver and now after thirty-seven years of being there I am the General Manager where I oversee purchasing, production, hiring and firing.
Marco Polo You are a true Italiy National Team supporter, do you have some memorable moments, and do you think that they are going to make it to the next round?
John Audia Most memorable moment was in 2006 when Italy won their 4th. World Cup and watching all the games leading up to the win at the Italian Cultural Centre with my good friends, eating great Italian food, and drinking great Italian wine and finishing off with an aromatic cup of espresso. In my heart the world cup would not be the same without Italy participating in it. So Forza Italia!
Marco Polo As a community leader, what would be your advice to some of our Italian /Canadians youth today?
John Audia Never forget your Heritage, get involved with as many Italian events as possible to continue growth and knowledge within our community.
Marco Polo Do you follow some of the Italian traditions? Tell me what are your favorites? i.e. making wine, making sausages and prosciutto, festa events, family gatherings, etc.
John Audia Yes, definitely! I enjoy getting together with friends, playing Italian card games, sipping wine, grappa, amaro, etc. roasting chestnuts over the Christmas Holidays, and going to sausage making events. Competitions are always a highlight and we can`t forget the Annual Banquets and supporting the Italian singers that are coming from overseas from my homeland, Italia!
Marco Polo You enjoy having fun and entertaining, where do you like going and I what songs do you like singing?
John Audia Most of the time I enjoy entertaining at my house and if not at my place we go to Federico’s where Rick Fuoco invites me up on the stage to sing a few tunes with him and not to mention our staple restaurant Dario’s La Piazza where I am always treated so well! My favorite song is Its September by Earth Wind and Fire which we now call the Audia song!
Marco Polo When cooking Italian dishes, what are your favorites?
John Audia My all-time favorite is making Pasta Alio e Olio at 1:00 a.m. when friends are over or if invited to their homes.
Marco Polo Given your expertise and experiences, would you change or do anything different?
John Audia Absolutely not, I’ve been blessed in life. I wouldn’t change a thing.
Marco Polo What does the future hold for you and your family?
John Audia Good health, strength and happiness and to see my two children established with their own families and me teaching my future grandchildren our Italian Heritage.
John, don’t stop being you! You are a class act!
Frank Cucca


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