60 Years of Italian Heritage with BOSA Foods’ New (Old) Location on Victoria Drive

An interview with Bruno Benedet Jr., president and CEO Bosa Foods

“The neighborhood is going though some exciting changes”, says Benedet. “We in turn were excited to plan our next 60 years in this community that has given us so much.”
The original BOSA Foods store.It was in 1957 that the BOSA Foods first opened its doors on Victoria Drive, providing a distinctly familiar setting for those craving authentic Italian goods in East Vancouver. From lush olive oils to decadent meats, BOSA Foods selection of imported fare has since become an essential stop for both the neighbourhood and foodies from across the city. “Our family chose the Victoria Drive location in 1957 because of its central location to what was the growing Italian community in Vancouver”, says Bruno Benedet Jr., president and CEO of BOSA Foods. “Still today you can drive down most streets in the neighborhood and find examples of the Italian residents who lived there … an example would be the fig trees or the grape vines in the backyard that were reminders of their distant homes they left in Italy. ”Starting in 2015, the original Victoria Drive location began to be redeveloped into a new 6,000 sq.ft. store that has just opened. BOSA Foods has effectively grown up with the neighbourhood, and plans to offer a greater selection of products than ever before.In addition to the 7,000 products BOSA Foods carries, which includes in-house cured meats, cheese from around the world, pannetone, hundreds of pasta options, Italian condiments, truffles, tapenades and spreads, the new BOSA Foods also offers fresh take-out meals for lunch, dinner, picnics, parties and events.When asked about the new BOSA Foods store, Benedet notes that they’re all about keeping up with the neighbourhood. “When our company was founded, its mission was to provide the newly arrived Italian Immigrants the staple foods that were such an important part of the Italian culture and family. Over the years, Vancouverites from all backgrounds and neighborhoods have discovered Bosa Foods and our product selection. In order to offer our customers the products they want, we are constantly growing and expanding the product offering.”As for what you should try at the new BOSA Foods, Benedet, whose family originates from the Veneto and Friuli regions, North of Venice, recommends the hand cut 40 month aged Parmigiano Reggiano cheese which they import directly from Italy. “We convinced our producer to age this cheese for us beyond the typical 24 months, to bring out both the unique taste and texture of this product”.
Bosa Foods is a legacy for Vancouver Italians and now for all who enjoy eating Italian and the cultural shopping experience it provides. It’s an establishment that is still organically family owned and operated and in the same community. The new Bosa Foods building on Victoria Drive is definitely part of the community, embraces the old with the new along with our variety of Mediterranean and Italian foods. BOSA Foods, 562 Victoria Drive (at Turner) and will be open 7 days a week with free underground parking.


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