Café Calabria an Institution on The Drive

In 1976 Francesco Murdocco opened Café Calabria on Commercial Drive in Little Italy of Vancouver. Café Calabria is the oldest Italian coffee shop in the city and is well known not only to the locals and many out of town visitors as it is being written in numerous guidebooks over the years. The décor in the Café is of Italy! Frank tells me that You don’t need to go to Italy, you just come here!. Francesco was born into a modest family in the small town of Mammola, Calabria Italy and raised in the Italian district of Montreal before arriving in the beautiful city of Vancouver in the early 70’s. Francesco is so passionate about coffee, the coffee genius of Vancouver. Coffee lovers have been wooed by Murdocco and his three sons with rapturous Italian songs, Roman statues, Sistine Chapel-esque ceilings, fabulous focaccia panini, Italian desserts (cannoli and biscotti) and short Italian philosophy lessons from Frank. He tells everyone visiting Vancouver If you don’t visit Café Calabria when you are in Vancouver, it’s like going to Rome and not seeing the Colosseum, you didn`t really see Rome then. I love life, I love people, I love coffee and I love music every day is beautiful! It can be different every day; raining, sunny, cloudy, but still beautiful. Murdocco is proud of the fact that The Café Calabria is a family operation and runs it with the help of his three sons; Nick, Vince, and Frank Jr. His son Vince is also an actor, he starred in the 1989 science fiction sex force Flash Gordon II (Check out the movie poster in the back of the café) and a string of acting films. Caffe Calabria is an exception and a tradition in the coffee shop equation. The fantastical Italian experience one gets at Caffe Calabria is unparalleled anywhere in Vancouver. (Frank Cucca)


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