The Art of Vino

We spoke with Local wine producer Andreino Citton and gathered some insight on traditional wine making methods

MARCO POLO Andreino, when and where were you born?
Andreino Citton I was born in a small town, the last one in the province of Treviso just below Monte Grappa, called Semonzo Del Grappa in 1947.
MARCO POLO Do you have any particular varieties you prefer to work with?
Andreino Citton Yes, for years my preference was Zinfandel, which in Italian is called Primitivo.
But as years went by, I tried many other varieties such as Cabernet, Merlot and Barbera. Most of the prizes I won are for Cabernet blends which in North America are called Super Tuscans.
MARCO POLO Do you consider your approach to winemaking to be different to others?
Andreino Citton For many years, the biggest problem for home winemakers was bacteria, that is the problem 99% of the time.
Other problems include the consistency of temperature during fermentation.
MARCO POLO What first attracted you to winemaking?
Andreino Citton I was first attracted to wine making because I enjoy a glass of wine. And a good glass of homemade wine is hard to find.
MARCO POLO Have you been influenced by any particular winemaker or a wine region?
Andreino Citton I would say my influences are not restricted to one area, but I do enjoy wine trips to Tuscany for their Brunellos, and Verona for their Amarrones.
MARCO POLO What secrets have you developed that make your wines different to others?
Andreino Citton The only secret I swear by is to make sure I am using premium products and then with practice and study, you’re off to a good start.
MARCO POLO What is your winemaking philosophy; that is, what are you trying to achieve with your wines?
Andreino Citton I do not abide by a philosophy per se, but I am constantly working at developing sophisticate homemade wines, and sharing them with like minded people.
MARCO POLO Are you filtering any of your wines?
Andreino Citton Red wines do not need to be filtered unless you want to put them out to market in 6-12 months.
I do, however, filter my white wines. My red wines stay in barrels for two years.
MARCO POLO What are the biggest changes you’ve seen in winemaking since you got started many years ago?
Andreino Citton I would say the biggest change is the wine knowledge amongst the public. Today’s wine drinker is a savy one, and this demands a higher quality of product.
MARCO POLO How important is modern winemaking equipment in your winemaking?
Andreino Citton The importance of the equipment is to maintain a consistency of temperature and fermentation.
Other than that, the wine-making process at the non-commercial level has remained the same.
MARCO POLO What of the future?
Andreino Citton I’m always searching for certain varietals of grapes that are hard to come by, because they are pre-sold to commercial wine makers. I would like to work with more Napa Valley varietals in the future.
Other than that, more of the same.



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