Respect our past, engage the present, in an effort to build the future

An interview with Mauro Vescera executive director at Il Centro

MARCO POLO Happy Birthday 40 Years Old Fundraising Gala! Mauro can you tell us your thoughts on the importance of having Fundraising Gala at IL CENTRO?
MAURO VESCERA This year’s Fundraising Gala celebrates the 40th Anniversary of the Italian Cultural Centre Society here in Vancouver. The Fundraiser is an important annual event and opportunity for the community to support the Italian Cultural Centre’s mission to promote Italian language, culture and heritage, and to share these values with other communities. Funds raised at the Gala will go towards Il Centro’s the cultural and language programming.
MARCO POLO Let’s go back in 1977. What have been the highlights during this 40 years?
MAURO VESCERA Il Centro has had many highlights of which these 10 (link below) are key moments in the history of the organization, so far:
MARCO POLO What would you most want to tell someone who was attending Gala for the first time?
MAURO VESCERA For those of you who haven’t been to attend a Centro Gala I would encourage you to join us for an evening of fine food, entertainment, an excellent silent auction and a chance to support, and celebrate Italian Culture in, our heritage and the organization contributions to our multicultural community.
MARCO POLO What was the best part about Gala last year? And do you have anything new planned for this year’s celebration? What’s this year’s focus on?
MAURO VESCERA Last year’s Gala featured an excellent key note presentation from Bob Lenaduzzi (Vancouver White Caps), together with music, food and fun for all participants. This year we will, in honour of the 40th anniversary for the organization have a special retrospective presentation from three members that will highlight the organization’s accomplishments, present the current context for the organization and look forward into the future of the organization and its role in the community. The theme for the gala presentation is to respect our past, engage the present, in an effort to build the future for the organization.
MARCO POLO Has the Fundraising Gala always been a big deal?
MAURO VESCERA The Gala is always an important event for il Centro and is an opportunity for us to showcase our activity, and highlight the organization’s role in the community.
MARCO POLO What is the most challenging part organized a Fundraising Gala? How did you attract so many sponsors and supporters?
MAURO VESCERA Il Centro’s greatest challenge in organizing the Gala is engaging and attracting our associations and membership to the event. The Gala is growing every year and has had strong support from our sponsors and partners and generally attracts around 300 people. Our goal moving forward is to grow the event and increase the participation in the annual Gala.
MARCO POLO Mauro Vescera what are the secrets to your success? For those interest in learning more, what are your suggested resources for creating successful Gala?
MAURO VESCERA The Gala’s success depends on the commitment and involvement of il Centro’s Board, Staff and Membership. We invite the community to participate in the event and are always interested in adding value and new ideas to the current program mix.
For more information, or to buy tickets, please call il Centro at 604-430-3337, or connect through our web-site at:



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