Old Habits Die Hard!

By Frank Cucca

Mister Primo G. Artuso at 92 years old still loves parking cars during the PNE Fair! Primo was born in Mussolente Vicenza, Italy in 1925 and immigrated to Canada from Italy in 1955. He had a wonderful career and worked for Ocean Cement driving a Concrete Truck for thirty years until retiring at the age of 65.
He and his wife Paola married for 59 years and still live in the same home that the kids were raised near the PNE.
He is still committed to singing in the Italian Choir of BC and in his Church on Sundays. One of Primo’s passions is parking cars on his property and his daughter’s house next door during the PNE fair, which he started doing it in the early sixties and he still loves to do to this every day that the PNE is open. Another favorite pastime that he enjoys is heading over to the Brentwood Mall almost every day to meet with his paesanos and friends and pass a few hours having a coffee and talking about whatever the topic of the day is.
His son John in the picture back in July when he turned 92 tells me: He used to be as tall as I am. I hope to be half the man he is when I am 92 years old!
All the very best to you and your family Mister Artuso, I’ll be looking for a deal this coming week to park my vehicle when attending the PNE! Cheers!


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