Martorana’s Gardening Hobby

By Frank Cucca

Franco Martorana arrived in Canada 43 years ago and began his trade in the Tile and Marble business as the owner of Tile Centre. He was born in Bagheria, Italia Provincia di Palermo and married to Rosaria. They have one son (Vince) and two daughters (Antonella&Maria Angela) and four grandchildren. Franco and Rosaria reside on Graveley Street in Burnaby.
Franco has more square feet of garden space on his property than he has of lawn both at the front and at the back of the house. This is not an unusual sight, as many Italian immigrants in the Lower Mainland have huge, beautiful gardens overflowing with all manner of fruits and vegetables. Gardening is Franco’s hobby, working in that yard is his pastime, his passion, his outlet.
He takes pride in himself by telling me that almost everything in his garden is grown from seeds that have been personally brought over directly from Italy over the years and they include; Zucchini, Tomatoes, Eggplants, Fig Tree, Grapes, and a chestnut (castagne) tree.
His favorite produce is tomatoes and zucchini. They jar their tomatoes annually and make jam from their other fruit trees and white wine from his grapes.
He grows an abundance of both vegetables and fruits, enough to also share with the many friends and neighbors! Keep it going Franco!


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