All roads lead to Italy

By Irena Demarco

Saturday July 29th Jessica Chen Founder and CEO of Luxy Easy Travel hosted all things Italian at the ​Wedgewood Hotel. A luxury, boutique hotel in the heart of downtown Vancouver. Luxy Easy Travel, based in Richmond, was founded four years ago by Jessica Chen, a nine-year travel industry veteran.
Luxy Easy Travel focus not only on luxurious accommodation but also rich culture. We encourage our customers to experience travel destination, meet local people, be friend with them, transfer culture knowledge, and create unforgettable memory for travellers themselves and local people as well, said Chen, but today’s party is all about Italy. Travel is not only look around but also experience. There are similarities between Italy and Chinese culture. First at all, we both love food. Italian and Chinese people have toes of variety of foods. Secondly, we have long history. Chinese has 5000 year history and Rome Empire has over 2000 years. Thirdly, both culture are very friendly. We are going to have a Italian tour focusing on Italian cuisine and fashion. We will bring customer to watch fashion show in Milan, enjoy the most authentic food, learn Italian lifestyle through food and fashion. Travel in style is our slogan.
Travel to experience is our goal of every tour. We will have more serial of destination party in the near future said Jessica Chen in her speech.
Italy is one of the leading countries in fashion design and a fashion show seemed fitting! Nichee by Loree presented the most stylish wears from Italy. Established in 2002, niche by Loree is the most trendy lady fashion store in town. She is the new breed of fashion boutique that embraces the essence of women’s dreams of being stylish. Romantic, elegant and sophisticated would be the words to define her. Loree traveled around the world, always looking for the next major trend.


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