La Storia di Marcello Ranallo

Marco Polo Where did you grow up?
MARCELLO RANALLO I grew up in Burnaby, BC.
Marco Polo Family background, their names?
MARCELLO RANALLO My father is Claudio Ranallo and my mother is Lidia. I have my sister Jessica Ranallo-Baek married to my brother in law John Baek and my Nonna Albina Ranallo.
Marco Polo Where did you attend your schooling?
MARCELLO RANALLO I attended my elementary school at Holy Cross and my high school at Alpha Secondary School. I then attended the University of Connecticut for four years 2008-2012 with a degree in Geography/ Urban Development.
Marco Polo When did you start playing hockey and for what teams?
MARCELLO RANALLO Started at Burnaby Minor Hockey Association at Age 5-16, then the Abbotsford Pilots Junior B, the Langley Hornets Junior A, Westside Warriors Junior A, Alberni Valley Bulldogs Junior A, and the University of Connecticut.
Marco Polo When did you start playing hockey?
MARCELLO RANALLO I started skating at 3 years old and playing at 5 years old.
Marco Polo What did you enjoy doing while growing up?
MARCELLO RANALLO I enjoyed playing all kinds of sports hockey, soccer, lacrosse, swimming and baseball.
Marco Polo Who was your mentor?
MARCELLO RANALLO I didn’t really have one but if anything my parents.
Marco Polo What are some of the memorable moments and accomplishments?
MARCELLO RANALLO Being invited to attend the New Jersey Devils (NHL) summer development camp after I finished my college career.
Marco Polo Who was your favorite player and team growing up?
MARCELLO RANALLO Pavel Bure and Joe Sakic and my favorite team I would have to say Vancouver Canucks.
Marco Polo Tell me about your experiences overseas?
MARCELLO RANALLO My overseas experience was great! I experienced a lot and lived in some great cities and places. I played one year in France, in a city called Angers about 2 hours south of Paris. The following year I played in Milan with the Milano Rossoblu. Incredible city with hockey crazed fans. The next year I was offered a role as player/coach in Cortina d’Ampezzo. I was the head coach of the under 20 team in Cortina. It was a great experience that being my first year coaching. We did better than anyone expected. We squeaked into the playoffs and made it all the way to the finals where we ended up losing unfortunately. The next year I resigned with Cortina again, this time as a full time player. I opted out of coaching to focus more on playing. My time in Cortina was incredible. I met so many great people and now people I still talked to regularly that have become good friends.
Marco Polo What position did you play and what type of player are you?
MARCELLO RANALLO Forward. In hockey I was always the playmaker, I liked setting up plays and having control of the puck. Offensive minded forward with good speed and good stickhandling ability
Marco Polo What are your future plans?
MARCELLO RANALLO I decided to retire from hockey; it was a very hard decision to make because hockey was all I ever knew since I was young. I was away from home for a total of eleven years and decided I wanted to be back home with my family and help and take responsibilities helping my parents at the restaurant. . As for the future I am working and trying to learn everything about the restaurant business. I work the majority of the time outside as a waiter but I do a few shifts in the kitchen learning that aspect of the business from my dad. Outside of that I haven’t thought about it much what’s in store.



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