Giro di Burnaby celebrated 10th anniversary

A tenth anniversary is certainly cause for celebration, but it’s also a cause for reflection at how far an event like the Giro di Burnaby has come. And for those who have been part of the race since the get-go, there’s a huge amount of pride in seeing the growth occur.
I am proud to see the whole community on board with the race, from the Heights Merchants, to the residents, to the volunteers. We don’t need to go door to door with flyers to remind people to come watch the race. They ask me on the streets, in the restaurants, at the park, When is the race? The Giro has come of age and people wait for it every year, Calendino said. Of course, a lot of credit goes to Race Organizer Rainy Kent and the fantastic team of volunteers she puts together every year. A lot of the success of the race is due to them.
The Giro attracts 7,000 to 10,000 spectators on a good warm night and the field of riders grows year after year. I feel the Giro is a positive community event, bringing people from surrounding neighbourhoods to enjoy something fun, exciting, and appropriate for all ages, said Bosa.
The event has grown over the years to include a beer garden, youth race, and the local merchants embrace the event and get involved.
The race is a chess match of strategy played at high speeds.
You don’t just build a development. You build a reputation. And we want our reputation to speak for itself. We want our greatest advocates to be the families who live in our homes, he said.
With Appia’s presence in huge events like the Giro di Burnaby, that ideology could include the building of Appia’s reputation in the North Burnaby community.
It’s all about building a presence and trust in communities, one home at a time.
The annual road bicycle race that pays tribute to our colorful Italian community and the world famous Giro d’Italia.
See you again next year!



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