Congratulations Again Charlie Cuzzetto!

By Frank Cucca

Columbus alumni influence at the world level has just become stronger. Charlie Cuzzetto has had a busy month!
First and earlier this month he was elected to the Futsal Hall of Fame, second and later in the month he was selected to be part of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee.
There is probably no other club in the world that have a FIFA Vice President with Victor Montagliani and Charlie Cuzzetto on the Disciplinary Committee from the same club, Italian Canadian Sports Federation’s I.C.S.F. Columbus.
The Role of the Committee
1. The Disciplinary Committee is composed of a chairman, a vice-chairman and the number of members deemed necessary.
The chairman and the vice-chairman must have legal training.
2. The Commission shall act in accordance with the FIFA Disciplinary Code.
Decisions are made in the presence of at least three members. In special cases, the chairman may decide alone.
3. The Disciplinary Committee may impose sanctions on members, clubs, officials, players, game agents and player’s agents, as defined in the Statutes and the FIFA Disciplinary Regulations.
4. Congress and the FIFA Council reserve the disciplinary power in regard to the suspension and exclusion of members.
What a great achievement Charlie&Victor!
On behalf of the Italian Canadian Community of B.C.&Canada we want to wish you both the very best!


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