Never forget to Hug your nonna, la mamma e anche la suocera!

MARCO POLO What does Italian stand up comedy mean to you?
GUIDO GRASSO I enjoy it, I have become this vessel and I bring these stories to my people world wide. We are the same everywhere, it’s fascinating.
MARCO POLO When was the first time you did an open mic?
GUIDO GRASSO First open a Mic was maybe 18-19 years old at the Comedy Works in Montreal.
That was standard English only comedy then open mic Italian style was in 2008 with Comedian Joe Avati on his tour. (That was my open mic lol.)
MARCO POLO Do you remember the first time you did stand-up in Canada?
GUIDO GRASSO Was on the Joe Avati Show in Toronto 2008.
MARCO POLO First time in Vancouver?
GUIDO GRASSO No, I performed at the River Rock Casino in 2012 with Joe Avavti.
Had a great time – Love Vancouver, beautiful city and beautiful people!
MARCO POLO What can fans expect from your show?
GUIDO GRASSO Lots of Laughter for sure … Lol! I like when they can relate their life experience in my jokes.
Some familiarity in their lives like My Mom says that or my Nonno does that!
MARCO POLO How do they feel about being inspirations for your acts?
GUIDO GRASSO My great inspirations my parents, our parents, our Nonni’s who immigrated from the old country between 1940-1980 these people literally built this country and it’s what unites us as children of Italian immigrants.
To answer how my mother feels about being an inspiration? She gave me Nu Schiaff!
MARCO POLO Who are your comedic inspirations and idols?
GUIDO GRASSO Obviously, Joe Avati ! I would not be here today had he not encouraged me to get on stage. I also enjoy guys like Canadian Comedians Sugar Sammy and Russell Peters, Rachid Badouri (Montreal French Comedian) and Angelo Tsarouchas.
I mentioned these guys because we are all from the same mold, we all tell our stories of immigrant parent living the life in Canada. And of course, I love the mainstream guys like, George Carlin, Don Rickles, Dave Chappelle. A specific one is Jim Gaffigan because his material is clean , I like clean comedy it’s harder and a broader audience.
MARCO POLO Can you share some crazy stories that have occurred while on tour?
GUIDO GRASSO In 2014, we had a long tour in the UK and on time off we would take cheap flights to different parts of Europe to be tourists. We decided to fly to Berlin, it’s supposed to be a crazy city, we took a ride on one of those double decker red tour buses to do a tour and the guide explains what we are seeing, except we were so tired that the second we got on the bus we passed out. So, we basically paid all this money to take a nap. Then we woke up said Berlin is boring and flew back to London. So, I flew to Berlin to take a nap and flew back.
MARCO POLO When you’re not performing on stage what do you like to do?
GUIDO GRASSO I make pizza. My family and I run a restaurant in Montreal called Sapori di Napoli, you should come by if my mom can eat there anybody can. Because she’s picky E io non mi piace mangare ne ristorante is what she says.
MARCO POLO Any projects you’ve got coming up later this year?
GUIDO GRASSO We’re planning on doing a North American tour with stops in cities like New York, Chicago, Atlantic City, Boston (The best Little Italy I’ve seen so far), Toronto and of course back in Vancouver and last stop in Montreal my home town of course. Hoping to be Australia by Christmas.
MARCO POLO Does Guido have a message for our readers?
GUIDO GRASSO Never forget to Hug your nonna, la mamma e anche la suocera!
Hoping to see many Italo Canadians from Vancouver at this event. Congratulations to the Italian Day Committee for organizing such an event and wishing you all a successful Italian Day.
Lets be proud of who we are and what we Italians have accomplished here in Canada and around the world, Forza Italia!!


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