Festa della Repubblica Il Centro 2017

On the occasion of the Italian National Day, the Consulate General of Italy in Vancouver in collaboration with COMITES, CGIE, the Italian Cultural Center, Aquilini Invest, Newway Group, hosted a big event for the Italian community which was held on the June 2nd 2017, witnessing at the same time the presence of Italians in Vancouver. The event featured Italian folk music superstar Eugenio Bennato, the creator of the Taranta Power and a reception open to the entire community, inviting Representatives from the Federal, Regional and Municipal Governments, the Consular Corps and Representatives from the Economic, Cultural, Artistic, Sports and Media sectors. It was therefore a unique opportunity to promote Italian products to a wide public in different areas like food, wine, fashion, design, cars, industry, etc. presented in the form of a display for the Italian and Italian-Canadian business community in British Columbia, as well as for other companies interested in working with Italy.
I am very pleased to extend my warm greetings to Italians, and Italian-Canadians, in Canada on the occasion of Italy’s National Day. I would like to thank all of our fellow citizens, our Canadian friends of Italian origin and all those who recognize themselves, in their different ways, in Italy, for their outstanding and steadfast cooperation with the Embassy and our consular network.
The Italian Republic is founded on the core values of freedom, democracy, equality, respect for human rights and peace among nations. Values which we share deeply with the great country which hosts us, Canada. Italy and Canada are friends, and allies. Together, we strive to promote a future based on freedom, prosperity and peace. We work closely on matters of international security, protecting human rights, promoting economic growth, safeguarding the environment and supporting the work of the United Nations. This enduring alliance is enriched daily with culture, innovation, and high-tech. Our language is a powerful tool which promotes Italy’s unparalleled cultural heritage and, at the same time, enhances our Country’s natural propensity to creativity and inventiveness, in short, to the future, said in his speach Massimiliano Iacchini the General Consul of Italy in Vancouver.
The Republic is a celebration for us all, and is another welcome opportunity for us to take pride in our own identity as Italians and Italian-Canadians.
Viva la Repubblica Italiana. Viva Canada!- Francesca La Marca deputata del PD.
I rise today to celebrate the Italian national holiday Festa della Repubblica. Seventy-one years ago, on June 2, 1946, the people of Italy demonstrated exceptional resilience in the aftermath of the Second World War by voting to establish the modern day Italian Republic.
Festa della Repubblica not only serves as a commemoration of that landmark in modern Italian history, but also as the beginning to Italian Heritage Month in June, a month long celebration of the tremendous contributions that Italian Canadians have made to British Columbia, declared Rocco Di Trolio l’unico consigliere Cgie del Canada.


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