Coastline Pilot

Twins Thomas and Leo Tesan, members of the indie rock band Coastline Pilot, were born in raised in Vancouver to parents Tony and Consolata. Like many Italian Canadian kids, they grew up playing soccer and hockey, and loved their nonnas’cooking. Thomas and Leo were introduced to music at a very early age, as music was always a part of their household. From the moment they could talk their parents would get them to sing to them. Music was always playing at home, whether it was Phil Collins records, MuchMusic, or the occasional jam Tony would have with his friends. Tony gradually introduced playing music to the boys when they were around 12, teaching them basic notes on guitar, bass and keyboard. The three would jam together to classics like Carlos Santana and Umberto Tozzi. The twin’s forays into song writing started at their high school Notre Dame Regional Secondary, where they would have to write songs every year for choir. In grade 9, Thomas and Leo started taking guitar lessons from Sandro Camerin. This quickly launched them into performing in high school bands during fundraisers and school events. As they grew more comfortable playing guitar, they began to write more and more songs. After high school, Thomas and Leo got together with their close friend Chad Devlin and began to jam and rewrite songs that the twins had been writing. As the three wrote more and more, they would eventually begin to seek out the final components for a band. Initially Thomas sang, Leo played lead guitar and sang, and Chad played bass. In 2008 the group added a drummer and began playing their songs for the first time in front of people. The band settled on the name Coastline Pilot when they decided to combine elements of two other names they were considering. They played shows across Vancouver in small music halls and bars downtown.
The band spent a few years refining their live performances and building their song writing skills before beginning to write and record their first album. In late 2011 the band entered the studio to record their debut EP While We’re Young, recorded at FaderMaster Sound in East Vancouver. The album was a lot harder than what the band currently plays today with tones of hard rock and elements of punk. The band released their album in 2012 and gained some attention on several music blogs, with the song Lifeline featured as The Province’s music blog’s song of the week. Shortly after the release of their debut album the band went through personnel changes, with Thomas picking up the guitar and the band adding a new drummer. This change launched the band into a more indie roots pop rock sound. With the new lineup, the band began to make a push to write new songs for their new sound. As the group grew more comfortable with their new sound, they began to climb the ladder in the Vancouver music scene. The band went from playing small music halls to music venues like The Media Club and The Railway Club. Branching out from Vancouver was the next step for the band, as they embarked on small tours across Vancouver Island and through the Okanagan. The band began to write and record their follow up EP in parts of 2013 and 2014 at the Farm studios in Vancouver with producers Mark Angly and Dean Maher. Reflecting on changes made in both the band and in life, the band dubbed their second album In Search of New Land. Released in early 2015, the album with classic rock and blues orientated tone, picked up a lot of attention across several music blogs and radio stations across North America and Europe.
Featuring songs like Sail On and American blog DopeCauseWeSaid’s pop song of the year All I Can Get, the album landed the band a Canadian Music Week 2015 showcase in Toronto. The band would make another personnel change in the fall of 2015, adding their current drummer Launey McG. In 2016, Coastline Pilot would play more headlining shows in Vancouver and would again play several shows on Vancouver Island. The band would take the end of 2016 off to begin writing their third album. Currently Coastline Pilot just wrapped up a two week tour where they started off with two showcases at this year’s Canadian Music Week in Toronto and a quick stop in Ottawa, before playing shows in Prince George, Dawson Creek and Rolla. They have a busy summer ahead of them with plans to enter the studio in June to record their third album. The band will be at the Biltmore on June 8th before heading over to the island to play the Five Acre Shaker music festival in Port Alberni August 10th and other small tours and festivals throughout the summer. Coastline Pilot’s music can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play, as well as through their bandcamp page. For more updates on the twins and the band, you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. (Frank Cucca)



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