John Bevilacqua’s, Rocky’s Meats on the Heights

I started my trade as a meat cutter when I was 14 years old working at Grandview Meats on Commercial Drive, after school and on weekends. By the time I was 19 years old and I was hired on by Canada Safeway as a full time meat cutter and then 2 years later I was the meat man manager for 17 years.
In 1993 I decided to operate my own butcher shop and 24 years later, I am still pluging away, hard work, dedication and pride, and running Rocky’s Meats on Hastings Street in the heart of North Burnaby. Rocky’s has been on the Heights for 56 years and has carved out a nieche in the neighbourhood. Rocky’s is your traditional old style butcher shop, where we strive for proffesional service and quality meats, guaranteed! We provide custom cuts, and the one on one personal service with a qualified butcher. Something that you don’t get nowadays in the big chain stores! At Rocky’s we try to bring in as much local meat as possible, to support our local farmers. The chicken, lamb, and veal are from B.C. We carry Johnstons Packers all natural pork from ChillIwack, free range specialty chickens and eggs from Maple Hill Farms in Abbotsford and specialty free range turkeys from JD Farms in Langley. We also bring in beef from Alberta. Rocky’s has been well known for our homemade Italian pork sausage, in mild and spicy. While the spicy are the most popular, we also make the barrese, turkey and pork liver sausage. They are all free of gluten, preservatives, and additives.
We have a special selection of freezer and BBQ packs, which provide a great savings to our customers. All packs are fresh, freezer wrapped and packaged to your specification.
Our business is small, but we strive for the best of quality, price and customer service. We care about our customers, which in return makes us a successfull running business.
Come in and check us out and please ask for John, you won’t be dissapointed!



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