Jim Crescenzo received Certificate of Excellence from Prime Minister

Jim Crescenzo, Templeton Secondary School, Vancouver

Jim Crescenzo, teacher at Templeton Secondary School has been awarded a Prime Minister’s Awards (PMA) for Teaching Excellence. Mr. Crescenzo, one of 11 national-level recipients of the 2016/2017 PMA for Teaching Excellence, received a Certificate of Excellence from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at an awards ceremony held in Ottawa today to celebrate Canada’s top teachers and early childhood educators.
The Prime Minister’s Awards for Teaching Excellence honour outstanding and innovative elementary and secondary school teachers in all disciplines for their remarkable educational achievements and for their commitment to preparing their students for a digital and innovation-based economy.
We needed to show young people that in order to be successful, you had to work extremely hard, long hours, Crescenzo said. If you had adversity in your life, we need to recognize it. And we have a choice: Is it going to be I’m going to play the victim? Or am I going to embrace it and use it as leverage, for me to be better and to go on and do great things? And the last thing is they learn about gratitude and how they have to give back to the program. I learned from a young age that you have two choices – this is what my mother taught me – you can either be the victim, or you can be the guy that’s going to use his adversity, to not only leverage (yourself) but to be your greatest teacher and to be hungrier and set higher goals, he says.
An aspiring actor, Jim Crescenzo chose teaching over a rising career in show business, turning his classroom into multi-disciplinary studio where students are the stars of the show.
Jim conducts extensive community outreach and fundraising activities to build multi-media classroom spaces with stages and studios for film, television and theatre. Partners have included Lions Gate Entertainment, Vancouver Film Studios, Thunderbird Films, and even the Vancouver Canucks. A Certificate of Excellence was also awarded today to B.C. teachers:
Johanna Gordon-Walker, Bella Bella Community School and Caren Eigenmann, Childgarden Preschool (for Early Childhood Education).



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