Massimiliano Iacchini the General Consul of Italy express his opinion about Marco Polo Newspaper

It’s been one year from May 2016 that the Marco Polo the Only Italian Newspaper in British Columbia since 1974 transitioned and made changes to the entire staff and management team.
After one year, we would like to ask you the Italian Canadian community your opinion regarding our editorial content to date! Our performance expectation to this point after a full year was to be within the same range of previous years and to gradually increase for those of you who continue to read our publication regularly by either subscribing for the annual weekly delivery of the paper or by visiting your favorite retailers or community institutions that carry the Marco Polo newspaper.
Marco Polo Have you noticed a change over the year regarding the articles that are published in the Marco Polo newspaper versus a year ago?
Massimiliano IACCHINI Of course, we have noticed that the format and layout of the new Marco Polo is more modern and attractive; also the contents in the web-site of the newspaper are better structured and offered to the public.
Marco Polo If yes, what do you like or dislike about the new Marco Polo Italian/Canadian newspaper?
Massimiliano IACCHINI I appreciate that the newspaper has made lots of efforts in making the newspaper more appealing to the public, through a professional touch related to the graphic appearance of the newspaper. Also I find very good the reporting on Italian events and news back in Italy.
On the other side, I’d like to see more stories and coverage of Italian events / initiatives about / related to the Italian Community in Vancouver, and more contents in Italian Language. After all this is the number one purpose and mission of the newspaper, to give voice to the Italians living here!
Marco Polo We want to improve the content so that it becomes a regular weekly readership for many in our community, what would you like us to change or improve on?
Massimiliano IACCHINI Again more contents about the Italian Community activities here (new and old immigrants, Italian-Canadians, etc.); there’s so much going on in this city that is worth to be covered and told to the public. I suggest to enhance the contacts and cover the events / initiatives carried out or promoted by the Italian or Italian-Canadian organizations in the Province, such as the Consulate General of Italy in Vancouver, the Com.It.Es – Vancouver (the Committee of Italian Citizens Abroad – in British Columbia and West Canada), the Italian Cultural Centre, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in West Canada, the Association of Italian Researchers and Professionals in West Canada (ARPICO), the Dante Alighieri Society in B.C., and the many Italian clubs and associations operating here.
Marco Polo Is there a specific section or category that you would personally want to see in a local Ethnic newspaper?
Massimiliano IACCHINI I’d like to see a special space / spotlight in the newspaper offered to the young people from the Italian and Italian–Canadian Community in Vancouver, to be used to tell their stories about their parents, grand-parents, and how they see and know Italy, nowadays!
Marco Polo As a reader, would you pay to purchase the weekly Marco Polo newspaper at your local Italian retailer or subscribe to the annual membership fee to receive the weekly paper for an entire year for $69.00?
Massimiliano IACCHINI Yes I personally think that it is a very reasonable price.


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