Our first year together

It’s been one year from May 2016 that the Marco Polo the Only Italian Newspaper in British Columbia since 1974 transitioned and made changes to the entire staff and management team. After one year, we would like to ask you the Italian Canadian community your opinion regarding our editorial content to date!
Marco Polo remains focused on increasing the readership and audiences of all ages, being a big part of promoting our Italian Canadian community in B.C. and providing creative and affordable solutions for our advertisers.
Our performance expectation to this point after a full year was to be within the same range of previous years and to gradually increase for those of you who continue to read our publication regularly by either subscribing for the annual weekly delivery of the paper or by visiting your favorite retailers or community institutions that carry the Marco Polo newspaper. Let’s say again a big thank you to our editorial team: Frank Cucca, Anna Foschi Ciampolino, Massimo Lodato, Roberto Fasciana, Ray Culos, Ernesto Salvi and Stella Santambrogio.
We believe that Ethnic Community Newspapers are still a very important source of local news for the local readers accompanied by local advertising. We continue to see a lot of strength in print.
Q1 Have you noticed a change over the year regarding the articles that are published in the Marco Polo newspaper versus a year ago?
Q2 If yes, what do you like or dislike about the new Marco Polo Italian-Canadian newspaper?
Q3 We want to improve the content so that it becomes a regular weekly readership for many in our community, what would you like us to change or improve on?
Q4 Is there a specific section or category that you would personally want to see in a local Ethnic newspaper?
Q5 As a reader, would you pay to purchase the weekly Marco Polo newspaper at your local Italian retailer or subscribe to the annual membership fee to receive the weekly paper for an entire year for $69.00?
Your respond is essential to the improvement of the Marco Polo Italian newspaper and its future. We respect your input!

MAURO VESCERA Executive Director at Italian Cultural Centre Il Centro
A1 Yes, we have noted that there is a new and more contemporary format for the Marco Polo newspaper. We have also noted a stronger on-line presence and greater variety of subjects and articles included in the publication.
A2 We appreciate the increased variety of articles and the current balance between local and Italian based news. One area that might be considered would be to add a sports section, perhaps a page in the paper that would follow the Italian football scene as well as other sporting Italian events and activities.
A3 Much like the above noted Sports section suggestion, the MP might consider a business section or page, a possible cultural/entertainment section, or even a lifestyle insert or component as a regular weekly, bi-weekly or monthly feature.
A4 With the steady flow on newcomers, particularly young professionals coming to Vancouver on working/study holidays it might be an option to include a special section for those new to the City. A section that acts as a welcome to Vancouver page.
A5 Yes I think it is a reasonable price for number of papers one receives.

Orazio Scaldaferri Realtor at RE/MAX Masters Realty
A1 The changes have been very positive and i have noticed them.
A2 I like the new look and the focus on local news. It could be beneficial to add more city news.
A3 More community and city news.
A4 I think that the history of the community and the current new could be a good blend even if it is not just Italian community.
A5 For me the annual membership works better and you have a better idea of your readers.

ERNESTO SALVI Financial Advisor at Edward Jones
A1 Yes indeed.
A2 The graphics have been improved. If I were the editor I would pay more attention to grammar and spelling in both English and Italian.
A3 I would work on the way the articles are structured and the sequence used to present them.
A4 It might sound awkward but I would like a page on the lives of people who have left us, something like the section lives lived in the Globe and Mail.
A5 I would distribute the paper for free.

Claudio Antoniali President at Roma Hall
A1 I am only familiar with the newspaper since the beginning of this year.
A2 I like the newspaper for it’s different articles and the wide scope of advertising it contains.
A3 Possibly a section where different organizations could send in their community events to help support their cause.
A4 I like sports, so maybe a small section on our community sports teams, such as soccer, hockey and maybe the odd bocce tournament.
A5 Yes.

Dave Picariello Director at Italian Canadian Sports Federation
A1 Yes.
A2 Now caters to more of a broad age group.
A3 Continue to implement local community content.
A4 No.
A5 This price point is very reasonable.

Carmen D’Onofrio jr Managing Partner at Stile Brands
A1 Yes, I’ve noticed that the feature stories have been showcasing many local Canadian Italians and their positive contributions to the community.
A2 I liked the feature articles in particular that highlight the success, stories and history of the Italian community.
A3 It is important to feature relevant stories that are pertinent to the reader.
A4 Local sports, restaurants and concert/theatre reviews.
A5 Yes.

JOHN BARBIERI Director at Confratellanza Italo-Canadese
A1 Yes
A2 Enjoy the colorful images and more detailed articles.
A3 Some articles should be directed towards the new millenniums as they will be the future generations that will subscribe towards the paper.
A4 Interview persons of the new generations and assess the articles for content, originality, etc. and print them so messages can be directed towards them and ask for input.
A5 Yes, and I believe that I would subscribe to the newspaper.

Joe Rea President at Campani nel Mondo
A1 Yes
A2 There are more articles in English and more on the general public.
A3 Because I don’t read Italian very well I would like to see more English articles or more with both English and Italian like you are already doing.
A4 Have an Entertainment section with the upcoming events whether Italian or English.
A5 I would consider an electronic version.

VITO BRUNO President at Associazione Culturale Pugliese della British Columbia
A1 Yes.
A2 Now it’s cover many different topics.
A3 I would like to see more articles in Italian language.
A4 I would like to see more local event cover to be informed what’s happening in our Community, and what’s going on around our city.
A5 Yes I would subscribe, because I would like the keep Marco Polo Newspaper alive in the Community.

Maria Pagnan President at Società Culturale dei Vicentini della BC
A1 No, the only changes I have noticed was that the Marco Polo Newspaper was lucking of many of the community events, something that we Italians in Vancouver and BC always cherished.
A2 What I like about having an Italian News Paper in Vancouver/BC is that I feel it is a very Important to have an Italian written newspaper a thing that the Italian Community, especially for the older generation really appreciated.
A3 What I would like to see happen in this, new format Italian Newspaper, and just because it serve the old Italian generation more than the new generation, more information in Italian language.
A4 Sure, I thing I speak for a lot of people my age and up, we need and like to see more information about who is who and who does what in our local community. It would be a way to attract and convince more people to read the Italian newspaper.
A5 I have being a supporter of this newspaper for over 40 years, unfortunately I kind of lost interest in the last year or so because I didn’t find the newspaper interesting enough to read it.

FR Eugenio Aloisio St. Francis of Assisi Parish
A1 I have noticed more inclusion of local events and coverage in the newspaper which is excellent.
A2 What I dislike is the fact that some of the articles, the printing is extremely small and difficult to read.
A3 More stories on individuals and organizations that have impacted the Italian community in Vancouver in a positive way. This greatly connects the readers to the newspaper and the community.
A4 Same response as A3.
A5 It’s difficult for me to answer this question because it is difficult to pay for something that has been free for so many years but I do agree that $70/year is a reasonable amount to charge for the newspaper if it includes home delivery.



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